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A documentation of the samples generated by Doxygen is also available.

wx.NET Samples

Using the Sample Launcher

The easiest way to run the samples is to use the Sample-Launcher that gets created in the top-level of both the install package as well as the source tree. Usage varies by operating system:


From KDE or Gnome, click/double click the Sample-Launcher.sh shell script. Or run the script directly from a shell.


Double click the Sample-Launcher shortcut from the Finder. You must launch all wx.NET apps from the Finder.


Double click Sample-Launcher.exe in the Explorer.

If you received a binary distribution of wx.NET, Mono will be used to run the samples on Linux and Mac. If you need to install Mono go to:


If you built wx.NET from source, the .NET runtime you configured in Defs.in will be used (Mono or PNET).

Due to a bug in DotGNU Portable.NET, the Sample Launcher does not work there. Review the following section to run the samples directly.

Running the Samples Directly

You can also run a sample directly using one of the techniques outlined below. All sample .exe assemblies are located in the "Bin" directory.


Use the script "wxnet-run" to launch a sample. For example:

$ cd Bin
$ ./wxnet-run launcher.exe


Use the Finder to open the MacBundles folder. Then launch the appropriate sample. Launch the Mac Console to see debugging information and errors.


Just double click the sample .exe in the Explorer.

The methods of launching the samples referenced above use some simple techniques to ensure that the .NET runtime can find wx.NET.dll and the shared library or libraries it uses. If you are planning on developing with wx.NET you should read more about this in Runtime Library Components.

Known Issues & Bugs

  • DbGrid: hard codes in ODBC as the data connector and a connection string particular to the DbGrid's developer.
  • HTML: "Open URL" does not work; wxFileSystem and wxInternetFSHandler have not been ported, which would are required to provide Internet URI smarts to HtmlWindow via: wxFileSystem::AddHandler(new wxInternetFSHandler)
  • Mdi: on Linux, after you create a new child window, the various MDI-oriented menu items do not work (File->New window, File->Close child, Child->Refresh Picture, etc). This seems to be a bug inherent to wxWidgets 2.6.0, as the C++ version of this sample has the same problem.
  • Sashwindow: on the Mac, the TextCtrls do not expand as leftWindow1 and leftWindow2 are resized

If you find any other issues please contact us.

wxWidgets Samples

While most of the wxWidgets classes are available via wx.NET, only a fraction of the samples are. We recommend you compile and run the samples at least once. See the build instructions for details. We may make wxWidgets pre-built samples available in the future for those of you who have download a binary wx.NET package.

The following table summaries where the samples can be found. All pathnames are relative to your wxWidgets source tree; for example, /usr/local/src/wxGTK-2.6.0.

Sample Source Binaries
Core library samples Linux & Mac: wxNet-Build/samples
Windows: samples/sample-name/vc_msw
Stylized text control contrib/samples/stc Linux & Mac: wxNet-Build/contrib/samples/stc
Windows: contrib/samples/stc/vc_msw

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