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wx.NET Contributors

Contributors are listed in chronological order of first contribution. SourceForge ID is in parenthesis.


Jason founded the wx.NET project January 2003. He created the base premake cross-platform build system and created over 25 wrapper classes.


Bryan began working on wx.NET in January 2003 because of an interest in .NET development and wxWidgets. Bryan has contributed much of the core wx.NET code: 61 wrapper classes at last count! He has improved numerous samples and wrote a detailed tutorial on writing applications with wx.NET. Bryan handled release management for v0.3 and v0.4 of wx.NET. Bryan lives in British Columbia, Canada, and enjoys training for marathons during the other portions of his free time.


Robert is the main developer of the wxWidgets GTK+ port and also develops the commercial wxWidgets dialog editor, wxDesigner. He modified wx.NET when adding C# as a supported language. Robert lives in Neu-Ulm, Germany.

Florian Fankhauser (souflo)

Florian ported the ToggleButton class to wx.NET.


Alexander joined the project in October 2003 and has been very busy since! His contributions include over 12 new wrapper classes and 7 new samples. But Alexander has also done a significant amount of re-engineering; bug fixing on Linux, Windows, and the Mac; and general improvements on both samples and classes, including the Controls sample. Two of Alexander's most significant contributions are the TowxNET utility, which generates C# and VB.NET code from XRC or wxGlade WXG UI layout files, and the .NET-oriented event system. Alexander resides in Zemmer, Germany.


Gustavo ported the wxFreeCell demo from wxBasic to VB.NET/wx.NET. The FreeCell source code is locatted in the Demos folder. Gustavo lives in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico.


Mike joined the team in April 2004. To date Mike has spent most of his effort simplifying the build and binary install and packaging process on all platforms through a new build system. Mike modified wx.NET to support Mac 100% and contributed the Display class and sample. Mike is also Mr. Documentation, having created the user manual and revamped the Website. Since version 0.5 Mike has handled release and build management for the project. Mike is a freelance software developer residing in Dallas, Texas, USA.


Harald joined the project in October 2006 when the other developers stopped their efforts on wx.NET. He fixed several bugs, extended several wrappers (among others: support for grid editors in C#), and wrapped the wxWidgets file system (for instance the ZIP file handler). He also initiated optional full UTF support.

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