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WX.Net is a .NET Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) wrapper for wxWidgets. It is composed of two parts:

  • wx-c is a C++ library which exposes the wxWidgets API as a collection of C# friendly functions.
  • WX.Net is a .NET assembly written in C# which parallels the wxWidgets class hierarchy.

WX.Net can be used with various implementations of the CLI, including .NET, and Mono. If you are not familiar with the wxWidgets library, you may be interested in some screenshots of wxWidgets and WX.Net.

The source code for WX.Net is released under the wxWidgets license.

Latest News

07-Feb-2011 The original goal of the wx.NET project has been to wrap the famous wxWidgets framework. Therefore, classes and enumerations bear names as similar to their origins in wxWidgets as possible. As a consequence, the names of classes and enumerations contradict widely accepted conventions in .NET. The coming release will try to change this as far as possible. The MS tool for .NET code analysis FxCop is currently used to guide this process. However, current users of wx.NET will have to prepare for releases with significantly changed names for style flags etc. I recently changed the name of the project from wx.NET to WX.Net (correct Pascal spelling) to stress the purpose to make WX.Net more .Net.
14-July-2010 The Windows binary wx-c-0-9-0-1.dll of release has unfortunately been built in debug mode. Additionally, I missed to copy the .NET documentation WX.Net.XML into the release. Please apologize any inconvenience. This distribution also contains a fix to the wrapping of the accelerator table that caused access violations. Added tool getwxtext.exe to get gettext PO files translating enumerations, and class names.
20-Jun-2010 The new file release 0.91 is rolling out - based on wxWidgets 2.8.11. This distribution comes with the complete source code, compiled assemblies and demo programs, and compiled versions of the wx-c-0-9-0-1.dll for 32-Bit Windows platforms and a libwx-c-0-9-0-1.so compiled on OpenSuse 11.2 in "i586" architecture. The Linux library requires GTK+ 2.0. The containes wx.Net.dll has a strong name signed with my private key. You may install wx.Net.dll in the global assembly cache and put wx-c-0-9-0-1.dll into the Windows/System32 directory without any risk of side effects with other versions of the software. In contrast, the shipped source files refer to the standard name of the native DLL: wx-c.dll, or libwx-c.so respectively.
11-Okt-2009 Future file releases will be made available by a new build tool. This tool could be used also for other projects. Refer to the documentation if you might be interested.
15-Feb-2009 Refer to the Sourceforge News. In the future, this site will only report new file versions, and this will unfortunately most probably last for a few weeks.
26-Dec-2007 The new file release 0.8.0 is rolling out. This release is based on wxWidgets 2.6.4 and provides full Unicode support plus several fixes and extensions to the previous release.
09-Dec-2007 The work for the new file release is almost finished. The new version will have full support for Unicode but still allow latin-1 builds of wxWidgets. Several errors have been fixed. The samples all seem to run error free. You may now write grid editors in .NET. Additionally, the list control now supports virtual lists (refer to the samples). The wxWidgets file system has been integrated. This has been really hard work but allows new applications for the wxWidgets HTML browser. Also, a new help browser has been implemented in .NET. This browser might be an interesting demonstration of some options that WX.Net offers in conjunction with its HTML control.
26-June-2007 The WX.Net project still needs developers and but the project is still active. Current work follows the objectives reliablity/bug fixes, Unicode support, and help browser. As soon as these points come to an end, there will be a new file release on top of wxWidgets 2.6.4. Until that, please refer to the CVS code base when making a download since quite a lot of bugs have been fixed since the last file release. Current improvements are conducted by one developer that refrains from committing unstable or untested code.
12-September-2006 The WX.Net project needs new developers and a SourceForge/project administrator. Or one person who can fill both roles. All the original WX.Net developers have moved onto other projects and are not active in development. Please join the developer mailing list and send an e-mail to it if you are interested.
25-July-2005 WX.Net v0.7.2 now available for download in either source form or binary packages for Linux, MacOS X, and Windows. Binary builds use the latest wxWidgets 2.6.1. Please see the release notes. You can also jump directly to the SourceForge download page for this release.
29-May-2005 WX.Net v0.7.1 now available for download in either source form or binary packages for Linux, MacOS X, and Windows. Save for a few enhancements, this release was primarily done to sync WX.Net to wxWidgets version 2.6.0. Please see release notes. You can also jump directly to the SourceForge download page for this release.
8-Jan-2005 New minor release, 0.6.1. A WIN32 Unicode bug has been fixed and AddPendingEvent added to EvtHandler. You probably don't need this release unless you are on Windows. Source and binary packages for all platforms have been updated.
16-Dec-2004 WX.Net v0.6.0 now available for download in either source form or binary packages for Linux, MacOS X, and Windows. Please review the release notes if you are a current WX.Net developer. You can also jump directly to the SourceForge download page for this release.
13-Oct-2004 wxWidgets-2.5.3 is available. If you want to use WX.Net with wxWidgets-2.5.3 check out the latest cvs code at our SourceForge site.
8-Oct-2004 A discussion forum for WX.Net is now available. You can find it at the official wxWidgets Discussion Forum
2-Oct-2004 Pedro Cardoso has released a utility that converts System.Windows.Forms controls to WX.Net controls. It can be found here.
24-Sep-2004 Development is still ongoing. The latest WX.Net CVS version now requires a CVS version of wxWidgets.
12-Aug-2004 Launched new fundraising campaign.
27-July-2004 A few new Website additions: a task list and a who's who of the project.
4-July-2004 Lots of Website updates:
4-July-2004 The official WX.Net 0.5 release is now available for download. Binary releases for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows + source is available. Release notes list changes since 0.4 as well as the last beta.
26-Jun-2004 Be sure to checkout Alexander Olk's powerful TowxNET utility, a new feature of the 0.5 release. It converts XRC and wxGlade UI definition files to C# or VB.NET code. It even handles updates! See the release notes for details.
24-Jun-2004 WX.Net 0.5 Beta 2 is now available for download. You can download binary builds for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Source code is also available. Release notes list changes since 0.4 and 0.5 Beta 1.
10-Jun-2004 WX.Net 0.5 Beta 1 is now available for download. Please review the release notes before building. This is a source-only release. We will hold off on creating binary distributions until we are sure there are no major bugs or problems.
22-Apr-2004 Detailed MacOS X build instructions have been added to CVS (README.MAC.txt). Like WX.Net itself, Mac support is a work in progress. To experiment with WX.Net on a Mac you should use the latest CVS release. See README.MAC.txt for download and build instructions.
06-Mar-2004 WX.Net 0.4 has been released!
23-Feb-2004 wxWindows has changed its name to wxWidgets. The site has been updated to reflect this. A new, overdue, release is in progress...
19-Nov-2003 Gustavo Ramos has contributed a FreeCell demo. The source has been ported from the wxBasic demo written by David Cuny and Jim Horne to VB.NET. Sources are in CVS.

Testing with Mono's Basic compiler (mbas) is on-going.
19-Nov-2003 WX.Net 0.3 has been released!
12-Nov-2003 I've managed to get WX.Net working with Portable.NET on Mac OS X. It is still very unstable, and much work needs to be done, but the results are cool.
28-Jul-2003 The documentation section has been updated with a quick reference page generated by Portable.NET's csdoc. In addition to this, ports of the wxStyledTextCtrl and wxXmlResource classes have been recently added to CVS.
03-Jul-2003 WX.Net 0.2 has been released!
01-Jul-2003 The latest wxDesigner beta now has support for WX.Net, enabling cross-platform RAD development.

A Latest Source page has also been created for downloading up-to-date WX.Net sources. Expect a release and fresh binaries very soon.
28-Mar-2003 The website has a new look and feel, as well as additional links and information about wxWidgets. The class status page has also been updated to reflect work done in CVS.
28-Feb-2003 Version 0.1 has been released. Quite a few classes are in progress, and it's almost possible to do some real work!
30-Jan-2003 Bryan Bulten has contributed a bunch of new code and a start on the "Controls" sample. Thanks Bryan!
29-Jan-2003 I have the "Minimal" sample working, except for the icon. I am not sure how to integrate the .NET and wxWidgets resource systems. Version 0.0.1 is now on SourceForge.