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Built with wxWidgets

Works on Mono


Components Of The File Distribution

WX.Net always comes with all sources and all scripts that are necessary to build the binaries following Building From Source.

Additionally, the distribution contains binaries for the Windows and Linux operating system.

The .NET binaries WX.Net.dll and the sample programs run on both supported .NET runtime environments: The MS .NET Framework and MONO. These files are portable anyway. The WX.Net assembly is signed with a non-public key - I have not used the key from the CVS repository. This assembly also refers to the native code dynamic library wx-c-0-9-0-1.dll on Windows or libwx-c-0-9-0-1.so. Both characteristics shall ease the use of the shipped binary components in your own distributions. You can add the WX.Net binary to the list of FULL_TRUSTED assemblies without the fear that anyone can use the key from the CVS repository to create a Trojan Horse that mimics the WX.Net.dll. Additionally, you can install various versions of the WX.Net native DLLs into the directory (or /usr/lib on Linux) without the risk of interferences, since native code libraries from different releases will also have different names. This fact enables you to install the WX.Net.dll into the Globale Assembly Cache (GAC).

The native code dynamic libraries have both been built on a i586 32-bit architecture. wx-c-0-9-0-1.dll implements the native DLL wrapper of wxWidgets. This files has been built with the VC 9 Express Edition and the platform SDK 6.1 tools of Microsoft. This DLL has been statically linked with wxWidgets 2.8.11, the latest stable version.

The Windows binary wx-c-0-9-0-1.dll requires the VC++ 2008 redistributable package X86. You can find a version of this of this package in directory "Install".

libwx-c-0-9-0-1.so provides the native code wrapper to wxWidgets on Linux. The ELF library has been built on the SuSE 11.2 32 bit edition but with the latest wxGTK 2.8.11 stable release. The file distribution contains also the libwxGTK-...so libraries of wxWidgets. These libraries link with the GTK+ 2.0 GUI framework.

Run WXNET_TOP/Bin/helpview.exe to have a look at the available documentation and WXNET_TOP/Bin/launcher.exe to run the samples.

Release History

  • The Windows binary wx-c-0-9-0-1.dll of release has unfortunately been built in debug mode. Additionally, I missed to copy the .NET documentation WX.Net.XML into the release. Please apologize any inconvenience. This distribution also contains a fix to the wrapping of the accelerator table that caused access violations. Added tool getwxtext.exe to get gettext PO files translating enumerations, and class names.
  • The main objectives of this release have been a .NET appeal of the library and reliability. This is the first release that has been built with the wx.BuildSystem. The WX.Net.dll of this release refers to a native DLL wx-c-0-9-0-1.dll. From now on, many versions of WX.Net may be installed in GAC and System32 or /usr/lib directories without any interferences. All memory allocation actions will now be entered through a monitor since memory management in Windows is not thread safe. Classes have been reorganized into several namespaces like e.g. wx.GridCtrl. Style flags for windows wx.WindowStyles) and sizers are now enumerations. So, you can use IntelliSense when using controls and sizers. wx.StyledText, wx.Globalization, and wx.MaskedEdit have been added.
  • 0.8.0: The main objectives of this release have been documentation and reliability. Utility helpview.exe has been added to the distribution in order to present platform independent HTB documentations on WX.Net, the samples and the original wxWidgets library. Unfortunately, programmers often have to consult the original documentation since the new wx.net.htb file is far from being complete. The text of this documentation is directly compiled from the C# source files. Additionally, a .NET XML documentation can be compiled from these remarks on the source code. Furthermore, this release introduces wx.Archive, the first pure .NET implementation of WX.Net. Many small changes on drawing, fonts, colours, and several controls increased reliability of the system.