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Building wx.NET

This is the original text on building wx.NET. Please refer also to the section in the manual. This text should be quite similar but include latest information.


Building wx.NET is a two-step process:

  1. Configure, compile, and install core wxWidgets and any optional contrib libraries
  2. Configure and compile wx.NET

All of this can get a bit tedious if done by hand, especially since both wxWidgets and wx.NET are fairly configurable and have multiple build steps themselves.

So we've developed this documentation and a "wrapper" build system to make life easier for newbies and advanced users alike. The build system lives under the Build directory, with directories for various supported platforms. This system is totally optional: if you like you can configure/compile/install wxWidgets on your own and also configure/compile wx.NET directly using the premake system.

Note that on Windows the wrapper is less functional due to lack of UN*X shell scripting tools. In the future we'll add support for a fully command-line driven Windows build using Cygwin or MinGW. We'll also add support for compiling the sources and wx.NET.dll via Mono and PNET's C# compilers.

Premake Overview

Premake is a program to create configuration files for multiple build systems from a single platform-independent configuration file. In our case, Makefiles for systems with a UN*X-like shell environment (Linux, MacOS X) and Visual Studio.NET 2003 (VS.NET) solution/project files for Microsoft Windows.

Premake configuration files are named premake.lua and can be found throughout the source tree. We've included pre-built premake binaries for Linux, Mac, and Windows in the build system. You don't have to compile Premake or even know how it works unless you want to bypass the build system.

More information about wx.NET's Premake configuration files can be found in the Premake appendix.

Detailed Build Instructions

Pick Your Platform / Build Environment

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