Why WX.Net? 
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Who's Who

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Built with wxWidgets

Works on Mono


Downloading & Installing Binary Packages

Quickie Instructions

  • Download and install a Mono 1.x package (the generic installer is recommended)
  • Download and unpack the wx.NET Linux build tar file
  • To run the samples, start Sample-Launcher.sh from your shell or KDE/Gnome
MacOS X 10.2+
  • Download and install the Mono 1.x Mac build (listed as OSX 10.3 and 10.4 only; at one point tested under 10.2 as well)
  • Download and unpack the wx.NET Mac build disk image
  • To run the samples, double click the Sample-Launcher app shortcut from the Finder
  • Install the Microsoft.NET Framework
  • Download and unpack the wx.NET Windows build ZIP file
  • To run the samples, double click Sample-Launcher.exe from the Explorer

None of the binary packages require installation. Simply unpack someplace convenient and run the sample launcher. Please see the user manual for instructions on running the individual samples directly.


The binary packages contain:

  • All necessary libraries
  • Compiled samples, demos, and the tutorial with source code
  • The user manual and API reference
  • All ready to run without any installation or configuration!

See the package contents for more information. Also please review the sample section in the user manual for an overview and a list of known bugs/issues.

If you decide to develop with wx.NET please read the wx.NET tutorial, user manual, and of course the wxWidgets documentation.