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Who's Who

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Built with wxWidgets

Works on Mono


Install Package Overview

When you either download a wx.NET pre-built binary package or install wx.NET from the build system using "make wxnet-install" (Linux and Mac only) , a number of directories and files get created. We'll briefly summarize the install package below.

  • Sample-Launcher
    • Runs the launcher.exe sample browser
    • Implemented as a shortcut on MacOS, a .sh shell script on Linux, and a simple .exe assembly under Windows
  • README.txt - brief description of wx.NET and how to run the samples
  • LICENSE.txt - the license that governs the use of wx.NET
  • CONTRIBUTORS.txt - who's contributed to wx.NET development
  • Bin/
    • The libraries, sample exe assemblies, and utilities
    • On Linux and Mac, the wxWidgets shared libraries you built against also get copied here, ensuring Bin is a true snapshot of a wx.NET build
  • Docs/
    • API/
      • Class reference
      • Useful only to show what classes/members have been implemented
      • Consult the wxWidgets documentation for a detailed description of each class and member
      • Always available in build downloads or http://wxnet.sourceforge.net/apiref/ (for the latest wx.NET release)
      • An optional part of the build process: type "make apiref" or "make apiref-install"; requires PNET as it's C# documentation tools are used
    • Manual/
  • Demos/ - the FreeCell VB.NET demo is located here
  • MacBundles/ - Mac only; bundles for samples and any graphical utilities
  • Samples/ - a copy of the sample source code

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