ZipRC as help file compiler

ZipRC is the wx.NET tool for zipping files and use them as resources accessed by class ZipResource.

Additionally, this tool has also another important area of application: Compilation of help files.

As many projects, wx.NET uses the doxygen tool to compile HTML help files from source code. This tool already provides the declaration files necessary to compile the result with Microsoft's help file compiler into a CHM file. However, CHM has several drawbacks. On the one hand, it's not portable since it heavily relies on Microsoft's Internet Explorer. On the other hand, it is inherently unsafe, since pages may contain arbitrary internet accesses, browser scripts and Active X controls.

wxWidgets provides its own help file viewer based on its simple HTML presentation facilities. This help file viewer already uses index and content files that also fit Microsoft's help file compiler. These files may be compiled with the HTML pages into a zip file that is usually called HTB for "hyper text book". However, wxWidgets' HTML presenter completely lacks CSS support. So, doxygen output will only partially presented.

ZipRC.exe now is able to replace the style sheets as used by doxygen by plain HTML presentation elements that also look fine in HTB browsers like wx.NET's helpview.exe. Consider as an example the following CMD command line starting ZipRC to compile the wx.NET manual.

     ..\Bin\ziprc.exe c -n=y -d=Doxygen\Manual\html 
Letter c specifies the overall task to compile content into a ZIP archive. is the name of this archive. -n=y specifies, that all HTML files shall be transformed into plain HTML as fas as this is possible. -d=... specifies a directory name. All files in this directory will be compiled into the archive. The result is the wx.NET manual as shipped with the file releases.
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