Runtime queries on the available configuration.

wx.NET as well as the underlying wxWidgets library are highly configurable.

The current configuration of the wxWidgets is specified by the used config.XX file in the build subdirectory. Additionally, wx.NET uses some defines to turn off certain wrappers. Usually, these defines have to be compatible with the configuration of the used compilation of the wxWidgets library.

Class ReflectConfig provides some static methods for queries on the defines that have been used on compilation. These methods may be of some use in systems that load and unload assemblies dynamically. Additionally, this class provides method ReflectConfig.CheckCompatibility() to test whether wx.NET and wx-c.dll are compatible or not. An instance of this class is also added as an attribute of the assembly. so, users of wx.NET may analyse the assembly before use.

Please note, that preprocessor symbols as defined for wx.NET have to fit those in wxWidgets. For instance, wxUSE_TAB_DIALOG shall rarely be used in wx.NET since this is an unrecommended setting in wxWidgets.

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