Package wx.ComponentModel

The wx.NET component model. More...


class  DataModelBase
class  ErrorMessageDialog
class  ErrorMessageException
class  FormItemAttribute
class  FormItemGroupAttribute
interface  IDataModel
interface  IErrorHandler
class  ItemRowDesignatorAttribute
class  PropertyChangedEvent
class  PropertyModel
class  RaisesChangeEventAttribute
class  ValueChangedEvent
class  ValueModel


enum  MessageClass


delegate void PropertyChangedHandler (object sender, PropertyChangedEvent evt)
delegate void ValueChangedHandler (object sender, ValueChangedEvent evt)

Detailed Description

The wx.NET component model.

The component model implements the wx.NET means of binding data sources to controls. This concept replaces either the standard .NET component model as well as wxWidget's validator concept.

The motivation of a component model simply is to specify the dynamic dependencies between widgets and the data model by a dependency graph that is generated once but will not change while the widget lives. wx.NET implements its own component model since the original implementation can hardly be used (unnecessary complex, errors, unpredictable behaviour) and the interface to the data model - the implemented program logic - makes heavy use of .NET's concepts for reflection.

The idea is, to specify a dependency network consisting of dependency nodes. Terminal nodes are either widgets or instances of data model classes. Both are linked via a third class of dependency nodes: Instances of wx.ComponentModel.DataModel. The arcs between these nodes are implemented by references and events: Each dependency node knows depending nodes and, this, propagates changes of values.

Programmers create complex dialogs building an appropriate dependency network first. Then, the leave nodes in this network will be asked for adequate controls using some predefined abstract constructors. These controls will be arranged using sizers. Done!

Refer also to Binding: Linking view layer and application layers

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum wx::ComponentModel::MessageClass

Classification of messages.

Error  The message is an error. The latest input cannot be accepted by the system and will be rejected.
Warning  This is a warning message. The latest input will be accepted but another the system recommends to think this over.
Info  This is a message simply for information.

Function Documentation

delegate void wx.ComponentModel.PropertyChangedHandler ( object  sender,
PropertyChangedEvent  evt 

Handles a PropertyChangedEvent. A property of the sender has been changed.

sender The object where a property changed.
evt The event data

delegate void wx.ComponentModel.ValueChangedHandler ( object  sender,
ValueChangedEvent  evt 

Handler of the ValueChangedEvent.

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