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This document describes the API to wx.NET. This is complete referring to the synopsis of classes and methods since it is generated directly from source code. Unfortunately, several classes and functions are not yet described. In these cases, refer to the original wxWidgets documentation. Usually, wx.NET provides the same entities as wxWidgets does, for instance class wxWindow in wxWidgets is wrapped by a class wx.Window in wx.NET and method wx.Window.Show() wrapps method wxWindow.Show().

Refer to Components Of The File Distribution for some remarks on the file distribution and Building From Source for desciption on how to build the binaries.

If you start working with wx.NET, please consult Known Problems And Pitfalls.

With functional release 0.9, several methods changed their signature, so you probably will have to adjust existing code. These changes have been motivated by the goal to make wx.NET a real .NET library rather than a more or less complete binding of wxWidgets. So, wx.NET will use enumerations with attribute Flags like wx.WindowStyles instead of unsigned integers whereever possible in order to represend flags and styles. This eases use of the library dramatically since developers can use IntelliSense to list viable options on typing in methods.

The classes of wx.NET have been reorganized into several namespaces like wx.GridCtrl. This eases use of IntelliSense and navigation through the classes using the object manager.

Some concepts of wxWidgets simply do not fit into the .NET world like e.g. validators. Refer to wx.ComponentModel instead. Run WXNET_TOP/Bin/helpview.exe to have a look at the available documentation and WXNET_TOP/Bin/launcher.exe to run the samples.

Refer to Building From Source for notes on how to build wx.NET.


You can find a version of this of this package in directory "Install". http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=a7b7a05e-6de6-4d3a-a423-37bf0912db84&displayLang=de

The following mind map scetches the purposes for further enhancements of wx.NET.


Known Problems And Pitfalls

All samples run fine. The status of the implementation is considered stable.

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