wx.IControlWithItems Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void Append (string[] strings)
int Append (string item, ClientData clientData)
int Append (string item)
void AppendString (string item)
void Clear ()
void Delete (int n)
int FindString (string s)
ClientData GetClientObject (int n)
int GetSelection ()
string GetString (int n)
string[] GetStrings ()
bool HasClientObjectData ()
bool HasClientUntypedData ()
int Insert (string item, int pos, ClientData clientData)
int Insert (string item, int pos)
void Select (int n)
void SetClientObject (int n, ClientData clientData)
void SetString (int n, string s)
bool ShouldInheritColours ()


int Count [get]
bool Empty [get]
string StringSelection [get]

Member Function Documentation

void wx.IControlWithItems.Append ( string[]  strings  ) 

int wx.IControlWithItems.Append ( string  item,
ClientData  clientData 

int wx.IControlWithItems.Append ( string  item  ) 

void wx.IControlWithItems.AppendString ( string  item  ) 

void wx.IControlWithItems.Clear (  ) 

void wx.IControlWithItems.Delete ( int  n  ) 

int wx.IControlWithItems.FindString ( string  s  ) 

ClientData wx.IControlWithItems.GetClientObject ( int  n  ) 

int wx.IControlWithItems.GetSelection (  ) 

string wx.IControlWithItems.GetString ( int  n  ) 

string [] wx.IControlWithItems.GetStrings (  ) 

bool wx.IControlWithItems.HasClientObjectData (  ) 

bool wx.IControlWithItems.HasClientUntypedData (  ) 

int wx.IControlWithItems.Insert ( string  item,
int  pos,
ClientData  clientData 

int wx.IControlWithItems.Insert ( string  item,
int  pos 

void wx.IControlWithItems.Select ( int  n  ) 

void wx.IControlWithItems.SetClientObject ( int  n,
ClientData  clientData 

void wx.IControlWithItems.SetString ( int  n,
string  s 

bool wx.IControlWithItems.ShouldInheritColours (  ) 

Property Documentation

int wx.IControlWithItems.Count [get]

bool wx.IControlWithItems.Empty [get]

string wx.IControlWithItems.StringSelection [get]

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