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void ShowMessage (MessageClass msgClass, string msgFormat, params object[] objects)

Detailed Description

Interface of means to display errors, warnings, or messages in response to value changes. Refer also to ErrorMessageException.

Member Function Documentation

void wx.ComponentModel.IErrorHandler.ShowMessage ( MessageClass  msgClass,
string  msgFormat,
params object[]  objects 

This tells the error handler to show the message of the provided properties.

msgClass is the message class, typically wx.MessageClass.Error.
msgFormat is a messge string that may contain wild cards like "{0}" or "{1}" that will be replaced by the string form of the designated object. Typically, a translation of msgFormat into the current culture or locale will be shown. However, this is left to the error handler.
objects is a sequence of objects that either occur in msgFormat or may serve as a structured information on the error. The interpretation of such objects are left to the error handler. For instance, a handler using the calendar control may use a System.DateTime object to determine the day that is affected by the error.

Implemented in wx.ComponentModel.ErrorMessageDialog.

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