Components Of The File Distribution

wx.NET always comes with all sources and all scripts that are necessary to build the binaries following Building From Source.

Additionally, the distribution contains binaries for the Windows and Linux operating system.

The .NET binaries wx.NET.dll and the sample programs run on both supported .NET runtime environments: The MS .NET Framework and MONO. These files are portable anyway. The wx.NET assembly is signed with a non-public key - I have not used the key from the CVS repository. This assembly also refers to the native code dynamic library wx-c-0-9-0-3.dll on Windows or Both characteristics shall ease the use of the shipped binary components in your own distributions. You can add the wx.NET binary to the list of FULL_TRUSTED assemblies without the fear that anyone can use the key from the CVS repository to create a Trojan Horse that mimics the wx.NET.dll. Additionally, you can install various versions of the wx.NET native DLLs into the /Windows/System32 directory (or /usr/lib on Linux) without the risk of interferences, since native code libraries from different releases will also have different names. This fact enables you to install the wx.NET.dll into the Globale Assembly Cache (GAC).

The native code dynamic libraries have both been built on a i586 32-bit architecture. wx-c-0-9-0-3.dll implements the native DLL wrapper of wxWidgets. This files has been built with the VC 2010 Express Edition and the platform SDK 7.0 tools of Microsoft. This DLL has been statically linked with wxWidgets 2.8.11, the latest stable version.

The Windows binary wx-c-0-9-0-3.dll requires the VC++ 2010 redistributable package X86. You can find a version of this of this package in directory "Install". provides the native code wrapper to wxWidgets on Linux. The ELF library has been built on the SuSE 11.2 32 bit edition but with the latest wxGTK 2.8.11 stable release. The file distribution contains also the libraries of wxWidgets. These libraries link with the GTK+ 2.0 GUI framework.

Run WXNET_TOP/Bin/helpview.exe to have a look at the available documentation and WXNET_TOP/Bin/launcher.exe to run the samples.

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