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Public Member Functions

override void Dispose ()
override bool Equals (object o)
override int GetHashCode ()
bool IsOk ()
override string ToString ()
 TreeItemId (ClientData pItem)
 TreeItemId ()
 TreeItemId (IntPtr wxObject)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool operator!= (TreeItemId i1, TreeItemId i2)
static bool operator== (TreeItemId id1, TreeItemId id2)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.TreeItemId.TreeItemId ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

wx.TreeItemId.TreeItemId (  ) 

wx.TreeItemId.TreeItemId ( ClientData  pItem  ) 

Creates an instance encapsulating the provided client data. Please note, that this will take ownership of the C++ instance wrapped by pItem. So, do not provide instances for pItem that have already been used. This will raise an exception in that case.

Member Function Documentation

override void wx.TreeItemId.Dispose (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from wx.Object.

override bool wx.TreeItemId.Equals ( object  o  ) 

override int wx.TreeItemId.GetHashCode (  ) 

bool wx.TreeItemId.IsOk (  ) 

static bool wx.TreeItemId.operator!= ( TreeItemId  i1,
TreeItemId  i2 
) [static]

static bool wx.TreeItemId.operator== ( TreeItemId  id1,
TreeItemId  id2 
) [static]

override string wx.TreeItemId.ToString (  ) 

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