wx.SystemSettings Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static Colour GetColour (SystemColour index)
static Font GetFont (SystemFont index)
static int GetMetric (SystemMetric index)
static bool HasFeature (SystemFeature index)


static SystemScreenType ScreenType [get, set]

Detailed Description

SystemSettings allows the application to ask for details about the system. This can include settings such as standard colours, fonts, and user interface element sizes.

Member Function Documentation

static Colour wx.SystemSettings.GetColour ( SystemColour  index  )  [static]

Returns the colour that is used by the operating system for the purpose as indicated by the argument. A display of the system table is available at helpview.exe from the "about box".


static Font wx.SystemSettings.GetFont ( SystemFont  index  )  [static]

static int wx.SystemSettings.GetMetric ( SystemMetric  index  )  [static]

static bool wx.SystemSettings.HasFeature ( SystemFeature  index  )  [static]

Property Documentation

SystemScreenType wx.SystemSettings.ScreenType [static, get, set]

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