wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void Apply (wx.StyledText.StyledTextCtrl destination)
void DeactivateFor (wx.StyledText.StyledTextCtrl stc)
System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchema GetSchema ()
void ReadXml (System.Xml.XmlReader reader)
 StcStyleCollection (string languageName, LexerId stylesForLexer)
void WriteXml (System.Xml.XmlWriter writer)

Public Attributes

bool BackSpaceUnIndents = true
int EdgeColumn = 80
EdgeModes EdgeMode = EdgeModes.NONE
string[] FileSuffixes = null
int Indent = 3
bool IndentationGuides = true
bool IsFolding = true
bool Overtype = false
bool SyntaxEnable
bool TabIndents = true
int TabWidth = 3
bool UseTabs = true
bool ViewEOL = false
bool ViewLineNumbers = true
WhiteSpaceModes ViewWhiteSpace = WhiteSpaceModes.VISIBLEALWAYS
WrapModes WrapMode = WrapModes.NONE


< Keywords, string[]> 
KeywordSets [get]
LexerId Lexer [get]
< LexerStates,
LexerStateProperties [get]
string Name [get]


class  TextProperties

Detailed Description

Parameters referring to a particular lexer. You may collect all style properties referring to a particular type of text within an instance of this type and apply this styles to a wx.StyledText.StyledTextCtrl if appropriate.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.StcStyleCollection ( string  languageName,
LexerId  stylesForLexer 

Creates a new set of properties.

languageName defines the name of the programming language. This will be used in lists to identify this style properties.
stylesForLexer defines the used lexer that will analyse the language.

Member Function Documentation

void wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.Apply ( wx.StyledText.StyledTextCtrl  destination  ) 

This will apply the represented settings to the provided styled text editor. This method activated this style i.e. all events from the destination will be processed. Do not forget do Deactivate() this if the control loads another style.

void wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.DeactivateFor ( wx.StyledText.StyledTextCtrl  stc  ) 

Deactivates this style for the provided control. From calling this method on, this style will not react on events sent from stc (e.g. for folding). Run this if you want to use another style in stc in order to avoid side-effects between both.

System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchema wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.GetSchema (  ) 

Not yet implemented.

void wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.ReadXml ( System.Xml.XmlReader  reader  ) 

void wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.WriteXml ( System.Xml.XmlWriter  writer  ) 

Writes all properties into stc_styles tag.

Member Data Documentation

bool wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.BackSpaceUnIndents = true

int wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.EdgeColumn = 80

EdgeModes wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.EdgeMode = EdgeModes.NONE

string [] wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.FileSuffixes = null

int wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.Indent = 3

bool wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.IndentationGuides = true

bool wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.IsFolding = true

bool wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.Overtype = false

bool wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.SyntaxEnable

bool wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.TabIndents = true

int wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.TabWidth = 3

bool wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.UseTabs = true

bool wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.ViewEOL = false

bool wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.ViewLineNumbers = true

WhiteSpaceModes wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.ViewWhiteSpace = WhiteSpaceModes.VISIBLEALWAYS

WrapModes wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.WrapMode = WrapModes.NONE

Property Documentation

IDictionary<Keywords, string[]> wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.KeywordSets [get]

LexerId wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.Lexer [get]

IDictionary<LexerStates, TextProperties> wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.LexerStateProperties [get]

string wx.StyledText.StcStyleCollection.Name [get]

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