wx.ReflectConfig Class Reference

List of all members.

These are the properties that one can read from the attribute.

Instances of this class provide possibles attributes of this assembly.

These properties define the information rovided by this attribute. Additionally, we have a ToString() method here that returns the ConfigurationString().

bool UseDisplay [get]
bool UseStyledTextCtrl [get]
bool UseTabCtrl [get]
 Returns CheckUseTabDialog().
bool UseUnicode [get]
 Returns CheckUseUnicode().
bool Version28 [get]
 Returns CheckWxWinVersion28().
bool WxGTK [get]
 Returns CheckWxGTK().
bool WxMAC [get]
 Returns CheckWxMAC().
bool WxMSW [get]
 Returns CheckWxMSW().
override string ToString ()

Public Member Functions

 ReflectConfig ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void AssertWxWinVersion28 ()
static bool CheckCompatibility ()
static bool CheckInternalUseUTF8 ()
static bool CheckStyledTextCtrl ()
static bool CheckUseTabDialog ()
static bool CheckUseUnicode ()
static bool CheckWxGTK ()
static bool CheckWxMAC ()
static bool CheckWxMSW ()
static bool CheckWxNetDisplay ()
static bool CheckWxWinVersion28 ()
static string ConfigurationString ()

Detailed Description

Class providing some methods to check availability of conditional code and compatiblity of wx.NET.dll and wx-c.dll.

This class provides some static methods but is also an attribute of the assembly. So, laoders of this assembly may analyse this before use.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.ReflectConfig.ReflectConfig (  ) 

This generates an attribute where the provided text is followed by a description of the conditional compilation.

Member Function Documentation

static void wx.ReflectConfig.AssertWxWinVersion28 (  )  [static]

These static methods provide the information on the used configuration. These methods return information on the configuration of this assembly concerning conditional code. Several methods here will also query wx-c.dll. Raises an exception of those features introduced with wxWidgets 2.8.0 are not available. Cf. CheckWxWinVersion28().

static bool wx.ReflectConfig.CheckCompatibility (  )  [static]

Runtime-check: Tests whether wx.NET does not require more features than wx-c.dll provides. Please note that unfortunately this cannot be tested for defines of wx.NET that do not have an equivalent in wxWidgets. These defines have the prefix WXNET_ .

If this is false then several classes cannot be used since they require functions in the wx-c.dll according to the wx.NET configuration that have not been compiled due to the configuration of the used wxWidgets system.

static bool wx.ReflectConfig.CheckInternalUseUTF8 (  )  [static]

This is true iff the wx.NET is configured for internal use of UTF 8 strings. This option is for instance relevant to the PNET implementation of the .NET framework.

static bool wx.ReflectConfig.CheckStyledTextCtrl (  )  [static]

This tests for the availability of STC ( define WXNET_STYLEDTEXTCTRL ). This shows availability of StyledTextCtrl.

static bool wx.ReflectConfig.CheckUseTabDialog (  )  [static]

Checks for the availability of the TabCtrl class. This class is currently only available with CheckWxMSW().

static bool wx.ReflectConfig.CheckUseUnicode (  )  [static]

Checks for the availability of Unicode support in the linked wxWidgets library. Currently, native Unicode support in wxString will not be used for conditional compilation but might be interest for if-then conditions in some code.

static bool wx.ReflectConfig.CheckWxGTK (  )  [static]

Test for availability of code particular for __WXGTK__.

static bool wx.ReflectConfig.CheckWxMAC (  )  [static]

Test for availability of code particular for __WXMAC__. This is in fact rather a query whether code shall be avoided that cannot be provided for Apple Macintosh computers.

static bool wx.ReflectConfig.CheckWxMSW (  )  [static]

Test for availability of code particular for __WXMSW__.

static bool wx.ReflectConfig.CheckWxNetDisplay (  )  [static]

Test for availability of WXNET_DISPLAY code.

static bool wx.ReflectConfig.CheckWxWinVersion28 (  )  [static]

Tests whether the features introduced with wxWidgets 2.8.0 are available.

static string wx.ReflectConfig.ConfigurationString (  )  [static]

Returns an english string describing the configuration.

override string wx.ReflectConfig.ToString (  ) 

Property Documentation

bool wx.ReflectConfig.UseDisplay [get]


bool wx.ReflectConfig.UseStyledTextCtrl [get]


bool wx.ReflectConfig.UseTabCtrl [get]

Returns CheckUseTabDialog().

bool wx.ReflectConfig.UseUnicode [get]

Returns CheckUseUnicode().

This is true iff this is linked with a wxWidgets library with Unicode support.

bool wx.ReflectConfig.Version28 [get]

Returns CheckWxWinVersion28().

bool wx.ReflectConfig.WxGTK [get]

Returns CheckWxGTK().

bool wx.ReflectConfig.WxMAC [get]

Returns CheckWxMAC().

bool wx.ReflectConfig.WxMSW [get]

Returns CheckWxMSW().

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