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Public Member Functions

Window CreateAbortWindow (Window parent, Printout printout)
bool Print (Window parent, Printout printout, bool prompt)
DC PrintDialog (Window parent)
 Printer (PrintDialogData data)
 Printer ()
void ReportError (Window parent, Printout printout, wxString message)
void ReportError (Window parent, Printout printout, string message)
bool Setup (Window parent)


bool Abort [get]
PrinterError LastError [get]
PrintDialogData PrintDialogData [get]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Printer.Printer (  ) 

wx.Printer.Printer ( PrintDialogData  data  ) 

Member Function Documentation

Window wx.Printer.CreateAbortWindow ( Window  parent,
Printout  printout 

bool wx.Printer.Print ( Window  parent,
Printout  printout,
bool  prompt 

DC wx.Printer.PrintDialog ( Window  parent  ) 

void wx.Printer.ReportError ( Window  parent,
Printout  printout,
wxString  message 

void wx.Printer.ReportError ( Window  parent,
Printout  printout,
string  message 

bool wx.Printer.Setup ( Window  parent  ) 

Property Documentation

bool wx.Printer.Abort [get]

PrinterError wx.Printer.LastError [get]

PrintDialogData wx.Printer.PrintDialogData [get]

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