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Public Member Functions

void DetermineScaling ()
bool DrawBlankPage (Window canvas, ref DC dc)
bool PaintPage (Window canvas, ref DC dc)
bool Print (bool interactive)
 PrintPreview (Printout printout, Printout printoutForPrinting, PrintData data)
 PrintPreview (Printout printout, Printout printoutForPrinting)
 PrintPreview (Printout printout, Printout printoutForPrinting, PrintDialogData data)
bool RenderPage (int pageNum)
bool SetCurrentPage (int pageNum)


Window Canvas [get, set]
int CurrentPage [get, set]
Frame Frame [get, set]
int MaxPage [get]
int MinPage [get]
bool Ok [get, set]
PrintDialogData PrintDialogData [get]
Printout Printout [get, set]
Printout PrintoutForPrinting [get]
int Zoom [get, set]

Detailed Description

Objects of this class manage the print preview process. The object is passed a wxPrintout object, and the wx.PrintPreview object itself is passed to a wx.PreviewFrame object. Previewing is started by initializing and showing the preview frame. Unlike wx.Printer.Print, flow of control returns to the application immediately after the frame is shown.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.PrintPreview.PrintPreview ( Printout  printout,
Printout  printoutForPrinting,
PrintDialogData  data 

wx.PrintPreview.PrintPreview ( Printout  printout,
Printout  printoutForPrinting 

wx.PrintPreview.PrintPreview ( Printout  printout,
Printout  printoutForPrinting,
PrintData  data 

Member Function Documentation

void wx.PrintPreview.DetermineScaling (  ) 

bool wx.PrintPreview.DrawBlankPage ( Window  canvas,
ref DC  dc 

bool wx.PrintPreview.PaintPage ( Window  canvas,
ref DC  dc 

bool wx.PrintPreview.Print ( bool  interactive  ) 

bool wx.PrintPreview.RenderPage ( int  pageNum  ) 

bool wx.PrintPreview.SetCurrentPage ( int  pageNum  ) 

Property Documentation

Window wx.PrintPreview.Canvas [get, set]

int wx.PrintPreview.CurrentPage [get, set]

Frame wx.PrintPreview.Frame [get, set]

int wx.PrintPreview.MaxPage [get]

int wx.PrintPreview.MinPage [get]

bool wx.PrintPreview.Ok [get, set]

PrintDialogData wx.PrintPreview.PrintDialogData [get]

Printout wx.PrintPreview.Printout [get, set]

Printout wx.PrintPreview.PrintoutForPrinting [get]

int wx.PrintPreview.Zoom [get, set]

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