wx.PrintData Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool Ok ()
 PrintData (PrintData printData)
 PrintData ()
 PrintData (IntPtr wxObject)


bool Collate [get, set]
bool Colour [get, set]
DuplexMode Duplex [get, set]
string Filename [get, set]
int NoCopies [get, set]
int Orientation [get, set]
PaperSize PaperId [get, set]
Size PaperSize [get, set]
string PrinterName [get, set]
PrintMode PrintMode [get]
PrintQuality Quality [get, set]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.PrintData.PrintData ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

wx.PrintData.PrintData (  ) 

wx.PrintData.PrintData ( PrintData  printData  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool wx.PrintData.Ok (  ) 

Property Documentation

bool wx.PrintData.Collate [get, set]

bool wx.PrintData.Colour [get, set]

DuplexMode wx.PrintData.Duplex [get, set]

string wx.PrintData.Filename [get, set]

int wx.PrintData.NoCopies [get, set]

int wx.PrintData.Orientation [get, set]

PaperSize wx.PrintData.PaperId [get, set]

Size wx.PrintData.PaperSize [get, set]

string wx.PrintData.PrinterName [get, set]

PrintMode wx.PrintData.PrintMode [get]

Setting this property requires compatibility mode with wxWidgets 2.4.

PrintQuality wx.PrintData.Quality [get, set]

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