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Public Member Functions

int Button ()
bool Button (MouseButton but)
bool ButtonDClick (MouseButton but)
bool ButtonDClick ()
bool ButtonDown (MouseButton but)
bool ButtonDown ()
bool ButtonIsDown (MouseButton but)
bool ButtonUp (MouseButton but)
bool ButtonUp ()
Point LogicalPosition (DC dc)
 MouseEvent (int mouseType)
 MouseEvent (IntPtr wxObject)


bool AltDown [get]
bool ControlDown [get]
bool Dragging [get]
bool Entering [get]
bool IsButton [get]
bool IsPageScroll [get]
bool Leaving [get]
bool LeftDClick [get]
bool LeftDown [get]
bool LeftIsDown [get]
bool LeftUp [get]
int LinesPerAction [get]
bool MetaDown [get]
bool MiddleDClick [get]
bool MiddleDown [get]
bool MiddleIsDown [get]
bool MiddleUp [get]
bool Moving [get]
Point Position [get]
bool RightDClick [get]
bool RightDown [get]
bool RightIsDown [get]
bool RightUp [get]
bool ShiftDown [get]
int WheelDelta [get]
int WheelRotation [get]
int X [get]
int Y [get]

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.MouseEvent.MouseEvent ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

wx.MouseEvent.MouseEvent ( int  mouseType  ) 

Member Function Documentation

int wx.MouseEvent.Button (  ) 

bool wx.MouseEvent.Button ( MouseButton  but  ) 

bool wx.MouseEvent.ButtonDClick ( MouseButton  but  ) 

bool wx.MouseEvent.ButtonDClick (  ) 

bool wx.MouseEvent.ButtonDown ( MouseButton  but  ) 

Returns true if the event was a mouse button down event. The argument specifies which button-down event was generated (see Button for the possible values).

bool wx.MouseEvent.ButtonDown (  ) 

If the argument is omitted, this returns true if the event was a mouse button down event. Otherwise the argument specifies which button-down event was generated (see Button for the possible values).

bool wx.MouseEvent.ButtonIsDown ( MouseButton  but  ) 

bool wx.MouseEvent.ButtonUp ( MouseButton  but  ) 

bool wx.MouseEvent.ButtonUp (  ) 

Point wx.MouseEvent.LogicalPosition ( DC  dc  ) 

Returns the logical mouse position in pixels (i.e. translated according to the translation set for the DC, which usually indicates that the window has been scrolled).

Property Documentation

bool wx.MouseEvent.AltDown [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.ControlDown [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.Dragging [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.Entering [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.IsButton [get]

Returns true if the event was a mouse button event (not necessarily a button down event - that may be tested using ButtonDown).

bool wx.MouseEvent.IsPageScroll [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.Leaving [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.LeftDClick [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.LeftDown [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.LeftIsDown [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.LeftUp [get]

int wx.MouseEvent.LinesPerAction [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.MetaDown [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.MiddleDClick [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.MiddleDown [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.MiddleIsDown [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.MiddleUp [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.Moving [get]

Point wx.MouseEvent.Position [get]

Returns the physical mouse position in pixels. Note that if the mouse event has been artificially generated from a special keyboard combination (e.g. under Windows when the "menu'' key is pressed), the returned position is wxDefaultPosition.

Call LogicalPosition() if you want to have the position of teh mouse curser translated into the logical position within a device context.

bool wx.MouseEvent.RightDClick [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.RightDown [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.RightIsDown [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.RightUp [get]

bool wx.MouseEvent.ShiftDown [get]

int wx.MouseEvent.WheelDelta [get]

int wx.MouseEvent.WheelRotation [get]

int wx.MouseEvent.X [get]

Returns X coordinate of the physical mouse event position.

int wx.MouseEvent.Y [get]

Returns Y coordinate of the physical mouse event position.

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