wx.MaskedEdit.Tokenizer Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void Dispose ()
IEnumerator< string > GetEnumerator ()
bool MoveNext ()
void Reset ()
 Tokenizer (string text, params string[] separators)


string Current [get]

Detailed Description

This class receives a string and a number of separators and will enumerate over all parts of the received string, that are separated by one of the separator.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.MaskedEdit.Tokenizer.Tokenizer ( string  text,
params string[]  separators 

Member Function Documentation

void wx.MaskedEdit.Tokenizer.Dispose (  ) 

IEnumerator<string> wx.MaskedEdit.Tokenizer.GetEnumerator (  ) 

bool wx.MaskedEdit.Tokenizer.MoveNext (  ) 

void wx.MaskedEdit.Tokenizer.Reset (  ) 

Property Documentation

string wx.MaskedEdit.Tokenizer.Current [get]

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