wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

override bool AddChar (char c)
override bool DeleteChar ()
override void OnDown ()
override void OnUp ()
StringEditField SetChoices (Type enumType)
StringEditField SetChoices (params string[] choices)
StringEditField SetEmptyChar (char emptyChar)
StringEditField SetIn (string allowedChars)
StringEditField SetMaxWidth (int width)
StringEditField SetMinWidth (int width)
StringEditField SetTextAttributes (TextAttr attr)
override bool SetTextValue (string value)
StringEditField SetWidth (int width)

Static Public Member Functions

static StringEditField New (string name)
static StringEditField New ()

Public Attributes

string AllowedChars = null
string[] Choices = null


string EmphasizedString [get]
override int EmphasizeLength [get]
override int EmphasizeStart [get]
override object Object [get, set]
override string[] PredefinedChoices [get]
override string TextValue [get]
override string TooltipText [get]
string Value [get, set]

Detailed Description

This is a field containing a string.

Member Function Documentation

override bool wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.AddChar ( char  newChar  )  [virtual]

Adds a new character to the field assuming explicit input.

Reimplemented from wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.

override bool wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.DeleteChar (  )  [virtual]

Delete a character from the text input of the field and return true on success.

Reimplemented from wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.

static StringEditField wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.New ( string  name  )  [static]

Creates an instance of a particular name. This name may be used to identify the field in event handlers.

static StringEditField wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.New (  )  [static]

Creates a new instance.

override void wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.OnDown (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.

override void wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.OnUp (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.

StringEditField wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.SetChoices ( Type  enumType  ) 

This will set the values of the provided enumeration type as choices. This will enumerate the values of the provided enumeration, translate them, and include them into the available choices. Note: If this has been called, this.Object will return instances of the enumType. Note, that this will raise exceptions, is enumType is not an enumeration type.

StringEditField wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.SetChoices ( params string[]  choices  ) 

Sets availabel choices. Add an empty string to allow additionally free text input. Sample: StringField.New().SetChoices("", "one choice", "another choice")

StringEditField wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.SetEmptyChar ( char  emptyChar  ) 

Sets the EmptyChar to the provided value and return this. Sample: StringField.New().SetEmptyChar('_')

StringEditField wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.SetIn ( string  allowedChars  ) 

Sets the AllowedChars to the provided value and return this. Sample: StringField.New().AllowedChars("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz")

StringEditField wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.SetMaxWidth ( int  width  ) 

Sets the width to the provided value and return this. Sample: StringField.New().SetMinWidth(10).SetMaxWidth(10)

StringEditField wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.SetMinWidth ( int  width  ) 

Sets the width to the provided value and return this. Sample: StringField.New().SetMinWidth(10).SetMaxWidth(10)

StringEditField wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.SetTextAttributes ( TextAttr  attr  ) 

Defines text and background colour. Provide null if you do not want to specify e.g. the background explicitely.

override bool wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.SetTextValue ( string  newTextValue  )  [virtual]

This will change TextValue. Setting this property will start interpretation of the string. The result is true on success, i.e. TextValue has been changed. This does not necessarily mean, that TextValue equals newTextValue because TextValue may contain leading EmptyChar etc.

Implements wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.

StringEditField wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.SetWidth ( int  width  ) 

Sets the width to the provided value and return this. Sample: StringField.New().SetWidth(10) is equivalent to StringField.New().SetMinWidth(10).SetMaxWidth(10).

Member Data Documentation

string wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.AllowedChars = null

Set this to a string of characters to constrain the used characters. If not null only characters mentioned in this string will be allowed in value.

string [] wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.Choices = null

If this is non-null, then this is a number of choices the user may select. Insert an empty string (not null) to allow additionally free input.

Property Documentation

string wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.EmphasizedString [get]

override int wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.EmphasizeLength [get]

Result indicates, that the n characters beginning with EmphasizeStart shall be emphasized. This is 0 by default => no emphasize.

Reimplemented from wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.

override int wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.EmphasizeStart [get]

If EmphasizeLength is larger than 0, then this is the first emphasized character.

Reimplemented from wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.

override object wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.Object [get, set]

This is the Value of this field, a string. However, if SetChoices() has been called with an enumeration type, this will return instances of this type instead.

Reimplemented from wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.

override string [] wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.PredefinedChoices [get]

This returns Choices.

Reimplemented from wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.

override string wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.TextValue [get]

Value but expanded to MinWidth und trancated by MaxWidth.

Reimplemented from wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.

override string wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.TooltipText [get]

Reimplemented from wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.

string wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.Value [get, set]

Return the value of this field. Setting the value will raise MaskedEditFieldValueChangingEvent and MaskedEditFieldValueChangedEvent(s).

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