wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedEditFieldValueChangingEvent Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void Change (object newValue)
void Veto ()


bool Changed [get]
object ChangedNewValue [get]
EditField Field [get]
object OriginalNewValue [get]
object OriginalValue [get]
object Value [get, set]
bool Vetoed [get]

Detailed Description

This event will be raised whenever the value of a field is modified. Handlers may veto or change the value.

Member Function Documentation

void wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedEditFieldValueChangingEvent.Change ( object  newValue  ) 

Change the proposed value. A previous veto will be discarded.

void wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedEditFieldValueChangingEvent.Veto (  ) 

Veto. The communicated change will be rolled back. If an alternative value has been proposed, this proposal will be removed and discarded.

Property Documentation

bool wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedEditFieldValueChangingEvent.Changed [get]

Returns true iff event handlers proposed an alternative value to be set.

object wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedEditFieldValueChangingEvent.ChangedNewValue [get]

EditField wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedEditFieldValueChangingEvent.Field [get]

object wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedEditFieldValueChangingEvent.OriginalNewValue [get]

object wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedEditFieldValueChangingEvent.OriginalValue [get]

object wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedEditFieldValueChangingEvent.Value [get, set]

Use this to read the value that will be set with the field. Reads the ChangedNewValue if Changed, the OriginalValue if Vetoed, and the OriginalNewValue otherwise.

bool wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedEditFieldValueChangingEvent.Vetoed [get]

Returns whether a previous handler vetoed the change.

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