wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedDateTimeEditService Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int GetNearest (System.Drawing.Point position)
int GetNearest (int textPosition)
 MaskedDateTimeEditService (TextCtrl ctrl, DateTime?startValue, string mask, DateTime?minValue, DateTime?maxValue, bool allowNull)
void OnChar (object sender, Event evt)
void Select (int i)

Static Public Member Functions

static string ExpandFormatString (string formatString, DateTime data)

Public Attributes



static string AMDesignator [get]
int Count [get]
static string PMDesignator [get]
string TextMask [get]
EditField this [int i] [get]
DateTime Value [get, set]

Detailed Description

Service class for DateTime input.

This will manage a masked input if a DateTime. Configure the mask using the format strings

This will use string from the definition of the current culture CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.DateTimeFormat. The current wxWidgets locale does not influence this.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedDateTimeEditService.MaskedDateTimeEditService ( TextCtrl  ctrl,
DateTime?  startValue,
string  mask,
DateTime?  minValue,
DateTime?  maxValue,
bool  allowNull 


ctrl is the text control that will be used for input.
startValue is the optional initial value.
mask is the string mask. This may be an arbitrary string with format specifiers as listed in the documentation of this class (in curly brackets).
minValue is optional minimal acceptable value.
maxValue is optional maximal acceptable value.
allowNull is true if the user may defer or abort input.

Member Function Documentation

static string wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedDateTimeEditService.ExpandFormatString ( string  formatString,
DateTime  data 
) [static]

Produces a string output of data according to a format string that is compatible to the format specifications of this control. This expand the following format strings using data:

int wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedDateTimeEditService.GetNearest ( System.Drawing.Point  position  ) 

Returns the index of the edit field that is as near as possible to the provided window position.

int wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedDateTimeEditService.GetNearest ( int  textPosition  ) 

Returns the index of the edit field that is as near as possible to the provided text position.

void wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedDateTimeEditService.OnChar ( object  sender,
Event  evt 

Directly calls this method of the masked edit. Refer to MaskedEditService.OnChar().

void wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedDateTimeEditService.Select ( int  i  ) 

Select the edit field of the provided index.

Member Data Documentation

event DateTimeValueChangedEventHandler wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedDateTimeEditService.OnValueChanged

This will be called immediately after the value has been changed.

Property Documentation

string wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedDateTimeEditService.AMDesignator [static, get]

This will return an AM designator even iff the current culture does not define one.

int wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedDateTimeEditService.Count [get]

Returns the number of input fields.

string wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedDateTimeEditService.PMDesignator [static, get]

This will return an AM designator even iff the current culture does not define one.

string wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedDateTimeEditService.TextMask [get]

Returns the text mask defining the format of the text presentation.

EditField wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedDateTimeEditService.this[int i] (  )  [get]

Returns the edit field at the provided position. Use a number between 0 and this.Count. Otherwise, this will raise exceptions. Negative numbers will count the fields from the end. So, -1 designates the last edit field.

DateTime wx.MaskedEdit.MaskedDateTimeEditService.Value [get, set]

Get or set the current value. This may be null of this allows empty input.

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