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wx.MaskedEdit.EditIntField wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool AddChar (char newChar)
virtual bool DeleteChar ()
virtual void OnDown ()
virtual void OnLeave ()
virtual void OnPageDown ()
virtual void OnPageUp ()
virtual void OnUp ()
abstract bool SetTextValue (string newTextValue)

Public Attributes

string DisplayName = ""
char EmptyChar = ' '
int MaxWidth = int.MaxValue
int MinWidth = 0
string Name = ""
TextAttr TextAttributes = null

Protected Member Functions

MaskedEditFieldValueChangedEvent RaiseOnChangedEvent (object oldValue)
void RaiseOnChangingEvent (MaskedEditFieldValueChangingEvent evt)


virtual int EmphasizeLength [get]
virtual int EmphasizeStart [get]
bool HasOnchangedEvent [get]
bool HasOnchangingEvent [get]
bool IsFull [get]
abstract object Object [get, set]
virtual string[] PredefinedChoices [get]
abstract string TextValue [get]
virtual string TooltipText [get]

Detailed Description

Base class of all field declarations. This is abstract. Use e.g. class EditIntField to create instances.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.AddChar ( char  newChar  )  [virtual]

Adds a new character to the field assuming explicit input.

Reimplemented in wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.

virtual bool wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.DeleteChar (  )  [virtual]

Delete a character from the text input of the field and return true on success.

Reimplemented in wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.

virtual void wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.OnDown (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented in wx.MaskedEdit.EditIntField, and wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.

virtual void wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.OnLeave (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented in wx.MaskedEdit.EditIntField.

virtual void wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.OnPageDown (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented in wx.MaskedEdit.EditIntField.

virtual void wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.OnPageUp (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented in wx.MaskedEdit.EditIntField.

virtual void wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.OnUp (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented in wx.MaskedEdit.EditIntField, and wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.

MaskedEditFieldValueChangedEvent wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.RaiseOnChangedEvent ( object  oldValue  )  [protected]

Helper for calling events after changing a value. This will test whether we have listeners to the event and create an event and fire it. The event as modified by the listeners will be returned. The result may be null.

void wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.RaiseOnChangingEvent ( MaskedEditFieldValueChangingEvent  evt  )  [protected]

abstract bool wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.SetTextValue ( string  newTextValue  )  [pure virtual]

This will change TextValue. Setting this property will start interpretation of the string. The result is true on success, i.e. TextValue has been changed. This does not necessarily mean, that TextValue equals newTextValue because TextValue may contain leading EmptyChar etc.

Implemented in wx.MaskedEdit.EditIntField, and wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.

Member Data Documentation

string wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.DisplayName = ""

This will e.g. appear in the tooltip text if not empty.

char wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.EmptyChar = ' '

Leading characters if this kind will be ignored.

int wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.MaxWidth = int.MaxValue

Maximal width of a field. All input exceeding this number of characters will discarded.

int wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.MinWidth = 0

Minimal width of a field.

string wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.Name = ""

An optional name for this field.

event MaskedEditFieldValueChangedHandler wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.OnChanged

event MaskedEditFieldValueChangingHandler wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.OnChanging

TextAttr wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.TextAttributes = null

The text attributes to be used for this field if not null.

Property Documentation

virtual int wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.EmphasizeLength [get]

Result indicates, that the n characters beginning with EmphasizeStart shall be emphasized. This is 0 by default => no emphasize.

Reimplemented in wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.

virtual int wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.EmphasizeStart [get]

If EmphasizeLength is larger than 0, then this is the first emphasized character.

Reimplemented in wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.

bool wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.HasOnchangedEvent [get, protected]

bool wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.HasOnchangingEvent [get, protected]

bool wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.IsFull [get]

Indicates with true that adding more characters will truncate elder input.

abstract object wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.Object [get, set]

This returns the data object of the field.

Reimplemented in wx.MaskedEdit.EditIntField, and wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.

virtual string [] wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.PredefinedChoices [get]

If this differs from null, than this property defines a number of predefined choices that may be for instance used in popup menus.

Reimplemented in wx.MaskedEdit.EditIntField, and wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.

abstract string wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.TextValue [get]

Returns or the text appearance of the current value.

Reimplemented in wx.MaskedEdit.EditIntField, and wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.

virtual string wx.MaskedEdit.EditField.TooltipText [get]

Reimplemented in wx.MaskedEdit.EditIntField, and wx.MaskedEdit.StringEditField.

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