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Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
void ClearAttributes ()
bool HasAttributes ()
 ListItem (string text, ListColumnFormat align)
 ListItem (string text)
 ListItem ()
 ListItem (IntPtr wxObject)


ListColumnFormat Align [get, set]
ListItemAttr Attributes [get]
Colour BackgroundColour [get, set]
int Column [get, set]
ClientData Data [get, set]
Font Font [get, set]
int Id [get, set]
int Image [get, set]
ListItemMask Mask [get, set]
ListItemState State [get, set]
ListItemState StateMask [set]
string Text [get, set]
Colour TextColour [get, set]
int Width [get, set]

Detailed Description

Representation of an item in wx.ListCtrl or wx.ListView.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.ListItem.ListItem ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

wx.ListItem.ListItem (  ) 

wx.ListItem.ListItem ( string  text  ) 

Generating an item representing the following text.

wx.ListItem.ListItem ( string  text,
ListColumnFormat  align 

Generating an item of the provided text and the specified alignment.

align is a constant like wx.ListCtrl.wxLIST_FORMAT_CENTRE

Member Function Documentation

void wx.ListItem.Clear (  ) 

void wx.ListItem.ClearAttributes (  ) 

bool wx.ListItem.HasAttributes (  ) 

Property Documentation

ListColumnFormat wx.ListItem.Align [get, set]

A constant like wx.ListColumnFormat.CENTRE.

ListItemAttr wx.ListItem.Attributes [get]

Colour wx.ListItem.BackgroundColour [get, set]

int wx.ListItem.Column [get, set]

ClientData wx.ListItem.Data [get, set]

Get or set the client data that is associated with this list item. Please note, that the list item will take ownership of the C++ instance of the client data. So, this will raise an exception, if the client data is already in use elsewhere.

Font wx.ListItem.Font [get, set]

int wx.ListItem.Id [get, set]

int wx.ListItem.Image [get, set]

ListItemMask wx.ListItem.Mask [get, set]

ListItemState wx.ListItem.State [get, set]

ListItemState wx.ListItem.StateMask [set]

string wx.ListItem.Text [get, set]

Colour wx.ListItem.TextColour [get, set]

int wx.ListItem.Width [get, set]

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