wx.KeyEvent Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 KeyEvent (int type)
 KeyEvent (IntPtr wxObject)


bool AltDown [get]
bool CmdDown [get]
bool ControlDown [get]
bool HasModifiers [get]
int KeyCode [get]
KeyCode KeyCodeSymbol [get]
bool MetaDown [get]
Point Position [get]
int RawKeyCode [get]
int RawKeyFlags [get]
bool ShiftDown [get]
char UnicodeChar [get]
int X [get]
int Y [get]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.KeyEvent.KeyEvent ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

wx.KeyEvent.KeyEvent ( int  type  ) 

Property Documentation

bool wx.KeyEvent.AltDown [get]

bool wx.KeyEvent.CmdDown [get]

bool wx.KeyEvent.ControlDown [get]

bool wx.KeyEvent.HasModifiers [get]

int wx.KeyEvent.KeyCode [get]

The keycode with values from Enumeration KeyCode. Refer also to KeyCodeSymbol.

KeyCode wx.KeyEvent.KeyCodeSymbol [get]

bool wx.KeyEvent.MetaDown [get]

Point wx.KeyEvent.Position [get]

int wx.KeyEvent.RawKeyCode [get]

Returns the raw, uninterpreted, platform dependent key code.

int wx.KeyEvent.RawKeyFlags [get]

Returns the low level key flags for this event. The flags are platform-dependent and should only be used in advanced applications.

bool wx.KeyEvent.ShiftDown [get]

char wx.KeyEvent.UnicodeChar [get]

Returns the wide character equivalent to the pressed key. This only works correctly if either wxWidgets has been built with Unicode support or if an ASCII key has been pressed. Otherwise, the result will be a 0.

int wx.KeyEvent.X [get]

int wx.KeyEvent.Y [get]

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