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wx.Object wx.Html.HtmlWinParser

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Public Member Functions

void AddTagHandler (HtmlTagHandler handler)
virtual void DoneParser ()
void DoParsing ()
void DoParsing (int begin_pos, int end_pos)
string ExtractCharsetInformation (string markup)
HtmlTag GetCurrentTag ()
 HtmlParser (IntPtr wxObject)
virtual void InitParser (string source)
FSFile OpenURL (HtmlURLType type, string url)
Object Parse (string source)
void PopTagHandler ()
void PushTagHandler (HtmlTagHandler handler, string tags)
bool RestoreState ()
void StopParsing ()

Static Public Member Functions

static new HtmlParser FindObject (IntPtr aWxObject)


FileSystem FS [get, set]
abstract Object Product [get]
string Source [get, set]
string SourceAndSaveState [set]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Html.HtmlParser.HtmlParser ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void wx.Html.HtmlParser.AddTagHandler ( HtmlTagHandler  handler  ) 

virtual void wx.Html.HtmlParser.DoneParser (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented in wx.Html.HtmlWinParser.

void wx.Html.HtmlParser.DoParsing (  ) 

void wx.Html.HtmlParser.DoParsing ( int  begin_pos,
int  end_pos 

string wx.Html.HtmlParser.ExtractCharsetInformation ( string  markup  ) 

static new HtmlParser wx.Html.HtmlParser.FindObject ( IntPtr  aWxObject  )  [static]

A virtual construction of a wx.NET parser object from a pointer to a wxWidgets parser object. Use this method to ensure existance of an appropriate wrapper for a HTML parser object. Problem: wxWidgets knows 2 classes: The general wxHtmlParser and the wxHtmlWinParser. This will return (and create of not existing) an instance of wx.HtmlWinParser iff the argument is a pointer to a wxHtmlWinParser instance. This method will use the internal run time type information built into wxWidgets.

Consider this as a specialization of method wx.Object.FindObject().

IntPtr.Zero will always result into null.

Reimplemented from wx.Object.

HtmlTag wx.Html.HtmlParser.GetCurrentTag (  ) 

virtual void wx.Html.HtmlParser.InitParser ( string  source  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented in wx.Html.HtmlWinParser.

FSFile wx.Html.HtmlParser.OpenURL ( HtmlURLType  type,
string  url 

Object wx.Html.HtmlParser.Parse ( string  source  ) 

void wx.Html.HtmlParser.PopTagHandler (  ) 

void wx.Html.HtmlParser.PushTagHandler ( HtmlTagHandler  handler,
string  tags 

bool wx.Html.HtmlParser.RestoreState (  ) 

void wx.Html.HtmlParser.StopParsing (  ) 

Property Documentation

FileSystem wx.Html.HtmlParser.FS [get, set]

.NET form of wxHtmlParserGetFS() and wxHtmlParserSetFS(). Please note, on setting the file system of the parser: The HTML parser will take control of the native C++ instance that is wrapped by assigned instance of wx.FileSystem. So, the .NET wrapper must have memory ownership of instances, that will be assigned to this property. Otherwise, this will raise an exception.

abstract Object wx.Html.HtmlParser.Product [get]

Reimplemented in wx.Html.HtmlWinParser.

string wx.Html.HtmlParser.Source [get, set]

string wx.Html.HtmlParser.SourceAndSaveState [set]

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