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wx.Html.HtmlTagHandler wx.Object

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Public Member Functions

override string GetSupportedTags ()
override bool HandleTag (HtmlTag tag)
 HtmlImageListHandler (string tagname, ImageList images)


ImageList Images [get]

Detailed Description

This tag handler allows to use images from an image list in HTML code. Instances of this handler are created providing a tag name (e.g. "IMAGELIST") and an image list. You can then display for instance image 2 of this list using tag &lt&imagelist index="2">.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Html.HtmlImageListHandler.HtmlImageListHandler ( string  tagname,
ImageList  images 

Creates a handler providing the tag <tagname index=> to display images from the provided image list.

tagname The name if the tag.
images The images to be displayed.

Member Function Documentation

override string wx.Html.HtmlImageListHandler.GetSupportedTags (  )  [virtual]

The name that has been passed to the CTOR of the handler.


Implements wx.Html.HtmlTagHandler.

override bool wx.Html.HtmlImageListHandler.HandleTag ( HtmlTag  tag  )  [virtual]

Implement the tags as defined by GetSupportedTags().

Implements wx.Html.HtmlTagHandler.

Property Documentation

ImageList wx.Html.HtmlImageListHandler.Images [get]

The image list.

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