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wx.FindReplaceDialog wx.Dialog wx.Window wx.EvtHandler wx.Object

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Public Types

enum  States

Public Member Functions

void DoCloseFind ()
void DoFind ()
void DoFindNext ()
 HtmlFindDialog (HtmlWindow parent, FindReplaceData data, string title)
void SelectNextString (string findString)


override FindReplaceData Data [get, set]
new HtmlWindow Parent [get]
States State [get]

Detailed Description

This is a dialog supporting finding strings in HTML cells. You will normally not create this on your own but use wx.HtmlWindow.OpenFindDialog() to open this.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum wx::Html::HtmlFindDialog::States


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Html.HtmlFindDialog.HtmlFindDialog ( HtmlWindow  parent,
FindReplaceData  data,
string  title 

Member Function Documentation

void wx.Html.HtmlFindDialog.DoCloseFind (  ) 

void wx.Html.HtmlFindDialog.DoFind (  ) 

Act as if [ENTER] has been pressed in the search string control.

void wx.Html.HtmlFindDialog.DoFindNext (  ) 

Act as if the "find next" button has been pressed.

void wx.Html.HtmlFindDialog.SelectNextString ( string  findString  ) 

Property Documentation

override FindReplaceData wx.Html.HtmlFindDialog.Data [get, set]

Use this to change the data model. This is virtual to enable implementations extending this dialog which have to react on changes in the data model.

Reimplemented from wx.FindReplaceDialog.

new HtmlWindow wx.Html.HtmlFindDialog.Parent [get]

Get or set the parent window of this window.

Reimplemented from wx.Window.

States wx.Html.HtmlFindDialog.State [get]

True if this dialog is currently searching. If this is true, all further actions will be aborted.

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