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Public Member Functions

 HtmlEasyPrinting (wxString name, Window parentWindow)
 HtmlEasyPrinting (string name, Window parentWindow)
 HtmlEasyPrinting (string name)
 HtmlEasyPrinting ()
 HtmlEasyPrinting (IntPtr wxObject)
void PageSetup ()
bool PreviewFile (string htmlfile)
bool PreviewText (string htmltext, string basepath)
bool PreviewText (string htmltext)
bool PrintFile (string htmlfile)
bool PrintText (string htmltext, string basepath)
bool PrintText (string htmltext)
void SetFonts (string normal_face, string fixed_face, int[] sizes)
void SetFonts (string normal_face, string fixed_face)
void SetFooter (string footer, int pg)
void SetFooter (string footer)
void SetHeader (string header, int pg)
void SetHeader (string header)
void SetStandardFonts (int size, string normal_face, string fixed_face)
void SetStandardFonts (int size, string normal_face)
void SetStandardFonts (int size)
void SetStandardFonts ()

Public Attributes

const int wxPAGE_ALL = 2
const int wxPAGE_EVEN = 1
const int wxPAGE_ODD = 0


PageSetupDialogData PageSetupData [get]
PrintData PrintData [get]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.HtmlEasyPrinting ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.HtmlEasyPrinting (  ) 

wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.HtmlEasyPrinting ( string  name  ) 

wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.HtmlEasyPrinting ( string  name,
Window  parentWindow 

wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.HtmlEasyPrinting ( wxString  name,
Window  parentWindow 

Member Function Documentation

void wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.PageSetup (  ) 

bool wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.PreviewFile ( string  htmlfile  ) 

bool wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.PreviewText ( string  htmltext,
string  basepath 

bool wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.PreviewText ( string  htmltext  ) 

bool wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.PrintFile ( string  htmlfile  ) 

bool wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.PrintText ( string  htmltext,
string  basepath 

bool wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.PrintText ( string  htmltext  ) 

void wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.SetFonts ( string  normal_face,
string  fixed_face,
int[]  sizes 

void wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.SetFonts ( string  normal_face,
string  fixed_face 

void wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.SetFooter ( string  footer,
int  pg 

void wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.SetFooter ( string  footer  ) 

void wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.SetHeader ( string  header,
int  pg 

void wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.SetHeader ( string  header  ) 

void wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.SetStandardFonts ( int  size,
string  normal_face,
string  fixed_face 

void wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.SetStandardFonts ( int  size,
string  normal_face 

void wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.SetStandardFonts ( int  size  ) 

void wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.SetStandardFonts (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

const int wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.wxPAGE_ALL = 2

const int wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.wxPAGE_EVEN = 1

const int wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.wxPAGE_ODD = 0

Property Documentation

PageSetupDialogData wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.PageSetupData [get]

PrintData wx.Html.HtmlEasyPrinting.PrintData [get]

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