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wx.Html.HtmlCell wx.Object

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Public Member Functions

override bool AdjustPagebreak (ref int pagebreak)
override void Draw (DC dc, int x, int y, int view_y1, int view_y2, HtmlRenderingInfo info)
override void DrawInvisible (DC dc, int x, int y, HtmlRenderingInfo info)
override HtmlCell Find (HtmlCond condition, Object param)
HtmlCell[] GetChildren ()
new void GetHorizontalConstraints (out int left, out int right)
int GetIndent (int ind)
int GetIndentUnits (int ind)
virtual HtmlLinkInfo GetLink (int x, int y)
 HtmlContainerCell (HtmlContainerCell parent)
 HtmlContainerCell (IntPtr wxObject)
static IntPtr HtmlContainerCell_GetWxClassInfo ()
void InsertCell (HtmlCell cell)
override void Layout (int w)
override void OnMouseClick (Window parent, int x, int y, MouseEvent evt)
void SetBorder (Colour clr1, Colour clr2)
void SetIndent (int i, int what, int units)
void SetMinHeight (int h, int align)
void SetWidthFloat (HtmlTag tag, double pixel_scale)
void SetWidthFloat (int w, int units)


HtmlTag Align [set]
int AlignHor [get, set]
int AlignVer [get, set]
Colour BackgroundColour [get, set]

Detailed Description

Internal representation of HTML in a wx.HtmlWindow. HTML is represented as a tree of nodes, the so-called cells. The framework uses several classes of nodes. This class represends a node that occasionally has more than one sibling.

Please note, that the current implementation might not call all virtual methods.

Note, that the HtmlCell.Next cell is the next cell of the HtmlCell.Parent.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.HtmlContainerCell ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.HtmlContainerCell ( HtmlContainerCell  parent  ) 

Member Function Documentation

override bool wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.AdjustPagebreak ( ref int  pagebreak  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from wx.Html.HtmlCell.

override void wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.Draw ( DC  dc,
int  x,
int  y,
int  view_y1,
int  view_y2,
HtmlRenderingInfo  info 
) [virtual]

Renders the cell.

dc Device context to which the cell is to be drawn
x X-Coordinate of the parent's upper left corner (origin). You must add this to m_PosX when passing coordinates to dc's methods Example: dc.DrawText("hello",x+m_PosX,y+m_PosY)
y X-Coordinate of the parent's upper left corner (origin). You must add this to m_PosY when passing coordinates to dc's methods Example: dc.DrawText("hello",x+m_PosX,y+m_PosY)
view_y1 y-coord of the first line visible in window. This is used to optimize rendering speed
view_y2 y-coord of the last line visible in window. This is used to optimize rendering speed
info is optional information on selections etc. that influence the presentation. You may use null here.

Reimplemented from wx.Html.HtmlCell.

override void wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.DrawInvisible ( DC  dc,
int  x,
int  y,
HtmlRenderingInfo  info 
) [virtual]

Reimplemented from wx.Html.HtmlCell.

override HtmlCell wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.Find ( HtmlCond  condition,
Object  param 
) [virtual]

This method returns a pointer to the FIRST cell for that the condition is true.

It first checks if the condition is true for this cell and then calls the next ones. (Note: it checks all subcells if the cell is container). Condition is unique condition identifier (see htmldefs.h) (user-defined condition IDs should start from 10000) and param is optional parameter Example:

         cell.Find(HtmlCond.IS_ANCHOR, "news");
returns pointer to anchor news.

Reimplemented from wx.Html.HtmlCell.

HtmlCell [] wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.GetChildren (  ) 

new void wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.GetHorizontalConstraints ( out int  left,
out int  right 

Reimplemented from wx.Html.HtmlCell.

int wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.GetIndent ( int  ind  ) 

int wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.GetIndentUnits ( int  ind  ) 

virtual HtmlLinkInfo wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.GetLink ( int  x,
int  y 
) [virtual]

static IntPtr wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.HtmlContainerCell_GetWxClassInfo (  ) 

Returns Ptr to the wxWidgets RTTI.

void wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.InsertCell ( HtmlCell  cell  ) 

override void wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.Layout ( int  w  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from wx.Html.HtmlCell.

override void wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.OnMouseClick ( Window  parent,
int  x,
int  y,
MouseEvent  evt 
) [virtual]

Reimplemented from wx.Html.HtmlCell.

void wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.SetBorder ( Colour  clr1,
Colour  clr2 

void wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.SetIndent ( int  i,
int  what,
int  units 

void wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.SetMinHeight ( int  h,
int  align 

void wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.SetWidthFloat ( HtmlTag  tag,
double  pixel_scale 

void wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.SetWidthFloat ( int  w,
int  units 

Property Documentation

HtmlTag wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.Align [set]

int wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.AlignHor [get, set]

int wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.AlignVer [get, set]

Colour wx.Html.HtmlContainerCell.BackgroundColour [get, set]

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