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wx.CommandEvent wx.Event wx.Object

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Public Member Functions

 HtmlCellEvent (IntPtr self)


HtmlCell Cell [get]
bool LinkClicked [get, set]
System.Drawing.Point Point [get]
int X [get]
int Y [get]

Detailed Description

This event class is used for the events generated by wxHtmlWindow.

To process input from a wxHtmlCellEvent, use one of these event handler macros to direct input to member function that take a wx.HtmlCellEvent argument:
EVT_HTML_CELL_HOVER(id, func) User moved the mouse over a wxHtmlCell.
EVT_HTML_CELL_CLICKED(id, func) User clicked on a wxHtmlCell. When handling this event, remember to use wxHtmlCell.SetLinkClicked(true) if the cell contains a link.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Html.HtmlCellEvent.HtmlCellEvent ( IntPtr  self  ) 

For internal purposes only.

self Pointer to a native C++ instance of this event.

Property Documentation

HtmlCell wx.Html.HtmlCellEvent.Cell [get]

Returns the HtmlCell associated with the event.

bool wx.Html.HtmlCellEvent.LinkClicked [get, set]

Get or set the indicator whether this event has been caused by a click on a cell.

Set this to true if the cell which has been clicked contained a link or false otherwise (which is the default). With this function the event handler can return info to the wx.HtmlWindow which sent the event.

System.Drawing.Point wx.Html.HtmlCellEvent.Point [get]

The point associated with this event.

int wx.Html.HtmlCellEvent.X [get]

The X coordinate of the point associated with this event.

int wx.Html.HtmlCellEvent.Y [get]

The Y coordinate of the point associated with this event.

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