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wx.Html.HtmlTagHandler wx.Object

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override string GetSupportedTags ()
override bool HandleTag (HtmlTag tag)
 HtmlArtProviderTagHandler ()

Detailed Description

Tag presenting a bitmap from an art provider.

Tag is WXART, legal attributes are
ARTIDwith a string describing an art id as argument. The string will be converted to upper case letters and the prefix "wxART_" will be added. The result will be passed to the parser of enumeration wx.ArtID. Example: Value "cross_mark" will be converted to "wxART_CROSS_MARK" that will be parsed to wx.ArtID.wxART_CROSS_MARK. However, you may also pass "wxART_CROSS_MARK" directly as attribute or a number representing the index of the art work. This attribute is mandatory.
WIDTHis a number providing the desired size in X direction.
HEIGHTis a number providing the desired size in Y direction.
CLIENTis analog to ARTID a string describing an element of wx.ArtClient with our without prefix.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Html.HtmlArtProviderTagHandler.HtmlArtProviderTagHandler (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

override string wx.Html.HtmlArtProviderTagHandler.GetSupportedTags (  )  [virtual]


Implements wx.Html.HtmlTagHandler.

override bool wx.Html.HtmlArtProviderTagHandler.HandleTag ( HtmlTag  tag  )  [virtual]

This generates a window presenting an image of the specified size.

Implements wx.Html.HtmlTagHandler.

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