wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpDataItems Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpDataItems:

wx.Object wx.Html.Help.IConstList

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Public Member Functions

object GetItem (int index)


int Count [get]
HtmlHelpDataItem this [int index] [get]

Detailed Description

This is simply a collection of instance of HtmlHelpDataItem. This is a particular class for some technical reasons. Avoid to use empty arrays of this kind.

Member Function Documentation

object wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpDataItems.GetItem ( int  index  ) 

Implements wx.Html.Help.IConstList.

Property Documentation

int wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpDataItems.Count [get]

Implements wx.Html.Help.IConstList.

HtmlHelpDataItem wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpDataItems.this[int index] (  )  [get]

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