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Public Member Functions

bool AddBook (wxString book)
bool AddBook (string book)
string FindPageById (int id)
string FindPageByName (string page)
 HtmlHelpData ()
void SetTempDir (wxString path)
void SetTempDir (string path)


HtmlBookRecords BookRecords [get]
int BookRecordsCount [get]
HtmlHelpDataItems ContentsArray [get]
int ContentsCount [get]
HtmlHelpDataItems IndexArray [get]

Detailed Description

This class represents the content of a help controller. This class is required for all alternative implementations of HTB-browsers (extending HtmlHelpController).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpData.HtmlHelpData (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpData.AddBook ( wxString  book  ) 

bool wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpData.AddBook ( string  book  ) 

Adds new book. book is the location (filename) of an .htb file (stands for "html book"). See documentation for details. The wxWidgets documentation claims book to be a URL. Do not take this too serious. This means a URL in the sence of wxWidget's file handlers. Consider the following example running with 2.6.4:

Returns success.

string wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpData.FindPageById ( int  id  ) 

returns URL of page on basis of MS id

string wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpData.FindPageByName ( string  page  ) 

returns URL of page on basis of (file)name

void wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpData.SetTempDir ( wxString  path  ) 

void wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpData.SetTempDir ( string  path  ) 

Sets directory where temporary files are stored. These temp files are index & contents file in binary (much faster to read) form. These files are NOT deleted on program's exit.

Property Documentation

HtmlBookRecords wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpData.BookRecords [get]

Public read-only property to get an array of descriptors for contained books.

int wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpData.BookRecordsCount [get]

Number of included books.

HtmlHelpDataItems wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpData.ContentsArray [get]

Public read-only property to get an array of descriptors for items of the table of contents.

int wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpData.ContentsCount [get]

Number of content items.

HtmlHelpDataItems wx.Html.Help.HtmlHelpData.IndexArray [get]

Public read-only property to get an array of descriptors for items of the index.

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