wx.Html.Help.HtmlBookRecord Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

string GetFullPath (string page)
wxString GetFullPath (wxString page)
 HtmlBookRecord (IntPtr wxObject)


string BasePath [get]
string BookFile [get]
int ContentsEnd [get]
int ContentsStart [get]
string Start [get]
string Title [get]

Detailed Description

Instances of this class represent hyper text books to be read from a file system. Refer to class HtmlHelpData. Instances of this class shall never be generated by the user. wx.NET generates them if necessary. All instances will be deleted virtually by their containers.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Html.Help.HtmlBookRecord.HtmlBookRecord ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

Member Function Documentation

string wx.Html.Help.HtmlBookRecord.GetFullPath ( string  page  ) 

wxString wx.Html.Help.HtmlBookRecord.GetFullPath ( wxString  page  ) 

Returns full filename of page (which is part of the book), i.e. with book's BasePath prepended. If page is already absolute path, BasePath is not prepended.

Property Documentation

string wx.Html.Help.HtmlBookRecord.BasePath [get]

Get and set the base path.

string wx.Html.Help.HtmlBookRecord.BookFile [get]

int wx.Html.Help.HtmlBookRecord.ContentsEnd [get]

Use SetContentsRange() to set this property.

int wx.Html.Help.HtmlBookRecord.ContentsStart [get]

Use SetContentsRange() to set this property.

string wx.Html.Help.HtmlBookRecord.Start [get]

Get and set the start.

string wx.Html.Help.HtmlBookRecord.Title [get]

Get and Set the title.

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