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wx.GridCtrl.Renderers.GridCellRenderer wx.GridCtrl.GridCellWorker wx.Object

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Public Member Functions

override GridCellRenderer Clone ()
override void Draw (Grid grid, GridCellAttr attr, DC dc, System.Drawing.Rectangle rect, int row, int col, bool isSelected)
GetBestSize (Grid grid, GridCellAttr attr, DC dc, int row, int col)
 GridCellDrawingSizeRenderer (string format)
 GridCellDrawingSizeRenderer ()

Static Public Member Functions

static string ExpandFormat (System.Drawing.Size size)
static string ExpandFormat (string format, System.Drawing.Size size)
Parse (string stringRepresentation)


string Format [get]

Detailed Description

Renderer to display elements of type System.Drawing.Size. Output will be according to a format string containing the elements {W} and {H} for the width or the height of the size respectively. The standard format is "{W}x{H}.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.GridCtrl.Renderers.GridCellDrawingSizeRenderer.GridCellDrawingSizeRenderer (  ) 

Creates a renderer using the standard format.

wx.GridCtrl.Renderers.GridCellDrawingSizeRenderer.GridCellDrawingSizeRenderer ( string  format  ) 

Member Function Documentation

override GridCellRenderer wx.GridCtrl.Renderers.GridCellDrawingSizeRenderer.Clone (  )  [virtual]

Implements wx.GridCtrl.Renderers.GridCellRenderer.

override void wx.GridCtrl.Renderers.GridCellDrawingSizeRenderer.Draw ( Grid  grid,
GridCellAttr  attr,
DC  dc,
System.Drawing.Rectangle  rect,
int  row,
int  col,
bool  isSelected 

static string wx.GridCtrl.Renderers.GridCellDrawingSizeRenderer.ExpandFormat ( System.Drawing.Size  size  )  [static]

Creating a string complying with the standard serialization format "{W}x{H}".

size the data that will be pasted into the result.

static string wx.GridCtrl.Renderers.GridCellDrawingSizeRenderer.ExpandFormat ( string  format,
System.Drawing.Size  size 
) [static]

Returns the expansion of the provided format string filling in data from the second argument.

format The format string that will be expanded. Currently implemented format options: {W} (width) and {H} (height).
size The instance whose properties will be formatted.

override System.Drawing.Size wx.GridCtrl.Renderers.GridCellDrawingSizeRenderer.GetBestSize ( Grid  grid,
GridCellAttr  attr,
DC  dc,
int  row,
int  col 
) [virtual]

Implements wx.GridCtrl.Renderers.GridCellRenderer.

static System.Drawing.Size wx.GridCtrl.Renderers.GridCellDrawingSizeRenderer.Parse ( string  stringRepresentation  )  [static]

Parse a size from the argument string that shall have the format "{X}x{Y}". An empty string will be interpreted as an empty position description (both coordinates are -1).

stringRepresentation String of the format "{X}x{Y}" that will be parsed for the result.
System.FormatException Will be thrown if the argument is from an unsupported format.

Property Documentation

string wx.GridCtrl.Renderers.GridCellDrawingSizeRenderer.Format [get]

Readonly access to the format string.

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