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Public Member Functions

 GridTableMessage (GridTableBase table, GridTableRequest id)
 GridTableMessage (GridTableBase table, GridTableRequest id, int comInt1)
 GridTableMessage (GridTableBase table, GridTableRequest id, int comInt1, int comInt2)
 GridTableMessage ()


int CommandInt [get, set]
int CommandInt2 [get, set]
GridTableRequest Id [get, set]
GridTableBase Table [get, set]

Detailed Description

Class to inform displaying Grid controls of any changes in the displayed GridTableBase.

This method implements an often vital directions of passing information in data binding that is often missing: The data model can use this method to inform displaying controls of changes. Refer to Grid.ProcessTableMessage().

Instances of this class combine a request for an action or message ID with two integer arguments. The best waay to exemplify the effect of such messages is to list their use in the standard wxWidgets table model as given by class wxStringTable. The following items list modifying methods of this table model followed by the table message that is used to communicate the effect to the grid.

 wxGridStringTable::InsertRows( size_t pos, size_t numRows ) 
        wxGridTableMessage msg( this,
                                numRows );

 wxGridStringTable::AppendRows( size_t numRows ) 
        wxGridTableMessage msg( this,
                                numRows );


 wxGridStringTable::DeleteRows( size_t pos, size_t numRows ) 
demands processing of
        wxGridTableMessage msg( this,
                                numRows );
Get message IDs from enumeration wx.GridTableRequest.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.GridCtrl.GridTableMessage.GridTableMessage (  ) 

wx.GridCtrl.GridTableMessage.GridTableMessage ( GridTableBase  table,
GridTableRequest  id,
int  comInt1,
int  comInt2 

wx.GridCtrl.GridTableMessage.GridTableMessage ( GridTableBase  table,
GridTableRequest  id,
int  comInt1 

wx.GridCtrl.GridTableMessage.GridTableMessage ( GridTableBase  table,
GridTableRequest  id 

Property Documentation

int wx.GridCtrl.GridTableMessage.CommandInt [get, set]

int wx.GridCtrl.GridTableMessage.CommandInt2 [get, set]

GridTableRequest wx.GridCtrl.GridTableMessage.Id [get, set]

GridTableBase wx.GridCtrl.GridTableMessage.Table [get, set]

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