wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent Class Reference

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wx.Event wx.Object

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Public Member Functions

void Allow ()
 GridRangeSelectEvent (int id, int type, Object obj, GridCellCoords topLeft, GridCellCoords bottomRight, bool sel, bool control, bool shift, bool alt, bool meta)
 GridRangeSelectEvent (IntPtr wxObject)
void Veto ()


bool Allowed [get]
bool AltDown [get]
GridCellCoords BottomRightCoords [get]
int BottomRow [get]
bool ControlDown [get]
int LeftCol [get]
bool MetaDown [get]
int RightCol [get]
bool Selecting [get]
bool ShiftDown [get]
GridCellCoords TopLeftCoords [get]
int TopRow [get]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.GridRangeSelectEvent ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.GridRangeSelectEvent ( int  id,
int  type,
Object  obj,
GridCellCoords  topLeft,
GridCellCoords  bottomRight,
bool  sel,
bool  control,
bool  shift,
bool  alt,
bool  meta 

Member Function Documentation

void wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.Allow (  ) 

void wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.Veto (  ) 

Property Documentation

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.Allowed [get]

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.AltDown [get]

GridCellCoords wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.BottomRightCoords [get]

int wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.BottomRow [get]

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.ControlDown [get]

int wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.LeftCol [get]

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.MetaDown [get]

int wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.RightCol [get]

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.Selecting [get]

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.ShiftDown [get]

GridCellCoords wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.TopLeftCoords [get]

int wx.GridCtrl.GridRangeSelectEvent.TopRow [get]

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