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Public Types

enum  AttrKind

Public Member Functions

object Clone ()
void DecRef ()
override void Dispose ()
Alignment[] GetAlignment ()
Editors.GridCellEditor GetEditor (Grid grid, int row, int col)
Renderers.GridCellRenderer GetRenderer (Grid grid, int row, int col)
void GetSize (ref int num_rows, ref int num_cols)
 GridCellAttr (Colour colText, Colour colBack, Font font, Alignment hAlign, Alignment vAlign)
 GridCellAttr (GridCellAttr attrDefault)
 GridCellAttr ()
 GridCellAttr (IntPtr wxObject)
void IncRef ()
void MergeWith (GridCellAttr mergefrom)
void SetAlignment (Alignment hAlign, Alignment vAlign)
void SetEditor (Editors.GridCellEditor editor)
void SetRenderer (Renderers.GridCellRenderer renderer)
void SetSize (int num_rows, int num_cols)


Colour BackgroundColour [get, set]
GridCellAttr DefAttr [set]
Font Font [get, set]
bool HasAlignment [get]
bool HasBackgroundColour [get]
bool HasEditor [get]
bool HasFont [get]
bool HasReadWriteMode [get]
bool HasRenderer [get]
bool HasTextColour [get]
bool Overflow [get, set]
bool ReadOnly [get, set]
Colour TextColour [get, set]

Detailed Description

Represents a set of attributes to display grid cells including (optional) special renderers and editors. Please note, that this class wrapps native code using reference counting.

See also:
IncRef, DecRef

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum wx::GridCtrl::GridCellAttr::AttrKind


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.GridCellAttr ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.GridCellAttr (  ) 

wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.GridCellAttr ( GridCellAttr  attrDefault  ) 

wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.GridCellAttr ( Colour  colText,
Colour  colBack,
Font  font,
Alignment  hAlign,
Alignment  vAlign 

In contrast to the correlated C++ CTor, this one accepts partially defined arguments.

colText Text colour to use in the cell or null.
colBack Background colour to use in the cell or null.
font font to use in the cell or null.
hAlign Horizontal alignment of the text in the cell.
vAlign Vertical alignment of the text in the cell.

Member Function Documentation

object wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.Clone (  ) 

void wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.DecRef (  ) 

Unlock an instance that has been locked with IncRef()

See also:

override void wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.Dispose (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from wx.Object.

Alignment [] wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.GetAlignment (  ) 

Returns information on the defined alignment of text. First entry of the result will specify the horizintal alignment. The second entry will provide the vertical alignment.

Editors.GridCellEditor wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.GetEditor ( Grid  grid,
int  row,
int  col 

Renderers.GridCellRenderer wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.GetRenderer ( Grid  grid,
int  row,
int  col 

void wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.GetSize ( ref int  num_rows,
ref int  num_cols 

void wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.IncRef (  ) 

This class is ref counted: it is created with ref count of 1, so calling DecRef() once will delete it. Calling IncRef() allows to lock it until the matching DecRef() is called

void wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.MergeWith ( GridCellAttr  mergefrom  ) 

void wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.SetAlignment ( Alignment  hAlign,
Alignment  vAlign 

void wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.SetEditor ( Editors.GridCellEditor  editor  ) 

void wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.SetRenderer ( Renderers.GridCellRenderer  renderer  ) 

void wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.SetSize ( int  num_rows,
int  num_cols 

Property Documentation

Colour wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.BackgroundColour [get, set]

GridCellAttr wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.DefAttr [set]

Font wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.Font [get, set]

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.HasAlignment [get]

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.HasBackgroundColour [get]

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.HasEditor [get]

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.HasFont [get]

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.HasReadWriteMode [get]

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.HasRenderer [get]

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.HasTextColour [get]

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.Overflow [get, set]

bool wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.ReadOnly [get, set]

Colour wx.GridCtrl.GridCellAttr.TextColour [get, set]

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