wx.GridCtrl.Extended.GridCellValueChangedEvent Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void Add (GridCellValueChange change)
 GridCellValueChangedEvent (Point cellCoord, object newValue, object oldValue)
object MakeReadOnly ()


bool IsReadonly [get]

Detailed Description

An event indicating changed values in a grid model. This event can be made readonly. This event may indicate more than one changed cell value. Grid models typically create this event, add eventually additional cell changes, make the event readonly and fire the event, so that it can be handled by event handlers.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.GridCtrl.Extended.GridCellValueChangedEvent.GridCellValueChangedEvent ( Point  cellCoord,
object  newValue,
object  oldValue 

Creates an instance.

cellCoord The coordinates of the grid cell affected by this change. The X coordinate provides the column index, the Y coordinate is the row index.
newValue The new value.
oldValue The old value that has been replaced.

Member Function Documentation

void wx.GridCtrl.Extended.GridCellValueChangedEvent.Add ( GridCellValueChange  change  ) 

Adds the argument representing a change in a grid to the list of changes communicated by this event.

change The grid cell value change.
system.InvalidOperationException This will be thrown if this instance is readonly.

object wx.GridCtrl.Extended.GridCellValueChangedEvent.MakeReadOnly (  ) 

From this call, all calls to modifiers will cause exceptions. This shall return this.

Implements wx.ICanBeMadeReadonly.

Property Documentation

bool wx.GridCtrl.Extended.GridCellValueChangedEvent.IsReadonly [get]

If this is true, all modifiers will cause exceptions. If this is false, modfiers can be used.

Implements wx.ICanBeMadeReadonly.

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