wx.GridCtrl.Extended.GridCellAttributesEvent Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 GridCellAttributesEvent (Point cellCoord, object cellValue, CellAttr originalAttributes)
cellCoord The coordinates of the grid cell.

void SetAttributes (CellAttr attrs)


Point CellCoord [get]
object CellValue [get]
int ColumnIndex [get]
CellAttr CurrentAttributes [get]
CellAttr OriginalAttributes [get]
int RowIndex [get]

Detailed Description

Grid models usually offer the opportunity to define the display properties of a grid cell by this event handlers. Handlers of this event shall be efficient regarding both, runtime and memory space, because they will be raised often. Handlers may set a new cell attribute here that will be used later on to draw the cell. But please keep in mind, that a grid model may define more than one handler of these events. The order in which these handlers will be used is undefined.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.GridCtrl.Extended.GridCellAttributesEvent.GridCellAttributesEvent ( Point  cellCoord,
object  cellValue,
CellAttr  originalAttributes 

cellCoord The coordinates of the grid cell.

The X coordinate provides the column index, the Y coordinate is the row index.

Member Function Documentation

void wx.GridCtrl.Extended.GridCellAttributesEvent.SetAttributes ( CellAttr  attrs  ) 

This will define the new attributes that will be used to display the cell.

attrs The new attributes.

Property Documentation

Point wx.GridCtrl.Extended.GridCellAttributesEvent.CellCoord [get]

The coordinates of the cell. X is the column index. Y is the row index.

object wx.GridCtrl.Extended.GridCellAttributesEvent.CellValue [get]

The value of the cell.

int wx.GridCtrl.Extended.GridCellAttributesEvent.ColumnIndex [get]

The index of the column.

CellAttr wx.GridCtrl.Extended.GridCellAttributesEvent.CurrentAttributes [get]

The currently valid attributes of the cell. If none of the event handlers have set anything, this will equal the original attributes.

CellAttr wx.GridCtrl.Extended.GridCellAttributesEvent.OriginalAttributes [get]

The original attributes that are defined by column and row definitions.

int wx.GridCtrl.Extended.GridCellAttributesEvent.RowIndex [get]

The index of the row.

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