wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T > Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  ChangeOperation

Public Member Functions

void Add (T columnOrRow)
void Add (int numberOfAdditionalColumnsOrRows)
delegate void ChangeAttrsEventHandler (ColumnOrRowCollection< T > sender, GridCellAttrChangedEvent evt)
delegate void ChangeEventHandler (ColumnOrRowCollection< T > sender, ChangeEvent evt)
void Clear ()
bool Contains (T item)
void CopyTo (T[] array, int arrayIndex)
IEnumerator< T > GetEnumerator ()
int IndexOf (T item)
void Insert (int index, T item)
bool Remove (T item)
bool Remove (string name)
void RemoveAt (int index)

Public Attributes

ChangeEventHandler OnChanged
ChangeAttrsEventHandler OnChangedCellAttr
ChangeEventHandler OnChanging

Protected Member Functions

 ColumnOrRowCollection (int numberOfColumnsOrRows)
void RaiseAttributeChangeEvent (GridCellAttrChangedEvent evt)


int Count [get]
bool IsReadOnly [get]
ColumnOrRowLayoutDescr LayoutDescr [get, set]
CellAttr StdCellAttrs [get]
this [int index] [get, set]


class  ChangeEvent
class  Enumerator

Detailed Description

A collection of columns or rows. You can create an instance describing a number of columns of default properties or you can add column descriptor by columns descriptor.

This list notifies event listeners on changes on the number of rows or columns and properties defining their appearance.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum wx::GridCtrl::Extended::ColumnOrRowCollection< T >::ChangeOperation

Represents an operation changing an instance of this type.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.ColumnOrRowCollection ( int  numberOfColumnsOrRows  )  [protected]

Creates a collection of the given number of columns or rows. These columns or rows do not have a name or caption - as long as you will not assign such properties - but they will have the default cell attributes of this collection.

numberOfColumnsOrRows Number of columns.

Member Function Documentation

void wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.Add ( columnOrRow  ) 

Adds a new column or row of the given properties. This collection will explicitely use the argument instance and set index property of this instance. If this index property is already set, this method will throw an exception.

columnOrRow The instance that will be used to describe in particular this column or row.
System.ArgumentException This will be thrown if the argument has already been added to another collection of this class.

void wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.Add ( int  numberOfAdditionalColumnsOrRows  ) 

Adds specified number of additional columns or rows.

numberOfAdditionalColumnsOrRows Number of additional columns or rows.

delegate void wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.ChangeAttrsEventHandler ( ColumnOrRowCollection< T >  sender,
GridCellAttrChangedEvent  evt 

delegate void wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.ChangeEventHandler ( ColumnOrRowCollection< T >  sender,
ChangeEvent  evt 

void wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.Clear (  ) 

bool wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.Contains ( item  ) 

Returns true iff this contains the argument.

item The column or row that shall be searched.

void wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.CopyTo ( T[]  array,
int  arrayIndex 

IEnumerator<T> wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.GetEnumerator (  ) 

int wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.IndexOf ( item  ) 

Returns the index of the argument or -1 if the argument does not belong to this collection.


void wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.Insert ( int  index,

Insert the item before the indicated position. If the index to define the desired position of the new item is smaller than 0, this will be equivalent to Add().

index Desired position of the new item.
item The new item that shall be inserted.
System.ArgumentException This will be raised if the item already has an index - because its already part of a collection.
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException This will be thrown if the index is larger than the known number of elements.

void wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.RaiseAttributeChangeEvent ( GridCellAttrChangedEvent  evt  )  [protected]

bool wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.Remove ( item  ) 

bool wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.Remove ( string  name  ) 

Removes the item of the given name if such an item exists.

name The name of the columns or rows to remove.
True iff an item has been removed.

void wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.RemoveAt ( int  index  ) 

Member Data Documentation

ChangeEventHandler wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.OnChanged

An event that will be fired AFTER this instance has changed. This event cannot be cancelled.

ChangeAttrsEventHandler wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.OnChangedCellAttr

This will be raised if the display attributes of either value cells, columns labels, or row labels changed.

ChangeEventHandler wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.OnChanging

An event that will be fired before this instance will change. This event can be cancelled.

Property Documentation

int wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.Count [get]

The number of contained column or row descriptions.

bool wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.IsReadOnly [get]

ColumnOrRowLayoutDescr wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.LayoutDescr [get, set]

Describing the layout that shall be used tocompute the width of a column or the height of a row.

CellAttr wx.GridCtrl.Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >.StdCellAttrs [get]

Standard cell attributes that will be used for columns that have been declared implicitely.

T wx::GridCtrl::Extended.ColumnOrRowCollection< T >::this (  )  [get, set]

Get or set the description of a particular column or row. Please note, that the getter will usually return a read-only instance.

index The index of the requested column or row.
System.ArgumentOutOfRange This will be raised if the index is larger than or equals the number of columns or rows or the assigned value already has an index.
System.ArgumentException This will be thrown on assigning a value, if the value already is a part of a collection.

Get a column or row identified by its name.

name The name of the column.
The contained column or row of the desired name if such an element exists, null otherwise.

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