wx.GridCtrl.Editors.GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor Class Reference

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wx.GridCtrl.Editors.GridCellTextEditor wx.GridCtrl.Editors.GridCellEditor wx.GridCtrl.GridCellWorker wx.Object

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Public Member Functions

override GridCellEditor Clone ()
override void Create (Window parent, int id, EvtHandler evtHandler)
 GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor (IntPtr wxObject)
 GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor ()
static IntPtr GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor_GetWxClassInfo ()

Protected Member Functions

override void CallDTor ()

Detailed Description

String editor for potentially longer strings containing blanks. You may input explicit line breaks using the CTRL key in conjunctions with the return or enter key.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.GridCtrl.Editors.GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor.GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor (  ) 

wx.GridCtrl.Editors.GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor.GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

Member Function Documentation

override void wx.GridCtrl.Editors.GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor.CallDTor (  )  [protected, virtual]

This will be called by Dispose() to delete the C++ object. Overload this if you have to use another DTor.

Reimplemented from wx.GridCtrl.Editors.GridCellEditor.

override GridCellEditor wx.GridCtrl.Editors.GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor.Clone (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from wx.GridCtrl.Editors.GridCellTextEditor.

override void wx.GridCtrl.Editors.GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor.Create ( Window  parent,
int  id,
EvtHandler  evtHandler 
) [virtual]

Do not forget to set the generated control (SetControl())

Reimplemented from wx.GridCtrl.Editors.GridCellTextEditor.

static IntPtr wx.GridCtrl.Editors.GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor.GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor_GetWxClassInfo (  ) 

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