wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType > Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void Add (TreeNode< DataType > newChild)
object Clone ()
void CollectArcs (ICollection< int[]> collector)
void CollectNodes (ICollection< TreeNode< DataType >> collector)
TreeNode< DataType > Find (int id)
object MakeReadOnly ()
 TreeNode (TreeNode< DataType > src)
 TreeNode (DataType data)
 TreeNode ()


< TreeNode< DataType > > 
Children [get]
DataType Data [get, set]
int Id [get]
bool IsInTree [get]
bool IsReadonly [get]
bool IsRoot [get]
TreeNode< DataType > Parent [get]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.TreeNode (  ) 

wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.TreeNode ( DataType  data  ) 

Creates an instance with the provided data.

data The data that will be associated with the new node.

wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.TreeNode ( TreeNode< DataType >  src  ) 

Creates a deep copy of the argument and its children that is NOT readonly.

src A subtree.

Member Function Documentation

void wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.Add ( TreeNode< DataType >  newChild  ) 

Adds a child to the node. Preconditions: This must not be read-only. Thsi must be a part of a tree. The new node must not be part of a tree.

newChild The new child node
ApplicationException This is not part of a tree or the new node is already a part of a tree.
CannotChangeReadonly If this is read-only.

object wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.Clone (  ) 

Returns a deep copy of this.


void wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.CollectArcs ( ICollection< int[]>  collector  ) 

Collects the arcs between tree nodes. Adds tuples of the form (parent ID, child ID) to the argument.

collector List that will be loaded.

void wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.CollectNodes ( ICollection< TreeNode< DataType >>  collector  ) 

Adds this tree node and all siblings to the argument.


TreeNode<DataType> wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.Find ( int  id  ) 

Returns the tree node if the ID as defined by the argument. The result is null if neither this node nor one of its siblings bear this ID.


object wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.MakeReadOnly (  ) 

From this call, all calls to modifiers will cause exceptions. This shall return this.

Implements wx.ICanBeMadeReadonly.

Property Documentation

ICollection<TreeNode<DataType> > wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.Children [get]

Collection of children.

DataType wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.Data [get, set]

Get or set the data that is associated with this node.

int wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.Id [get]

The ID of the node.

bool wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.IsInTree [get]

True iff this is part of a tree.

bool wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.IsReadonly [get]

If this is true, all modifiers will cause exceptions. If this is false, modfiers can be used.

Implements wx.ICanBeMadeReadonly.

bool wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.IsRoot [get]

True iff this is the root node of a tree.

TreeNode<DataType> wx.Graph.TreeNode< DataType >.Parent [get]

The parent of this node. This is null if this is a root or this is not part of a tree.

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