wx.Globalization.TypeNameTranslationsAttribute Class Reference

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 TypeNameTranslationsAttribute (string neutralName, params string[] sequenceOfLocaleTranslationPairs)
 TypeNameTranslationsAttribute (StringInCultures name)


StringInCultures Name [get]

Detailed Description

Use this attribute to provide translations of a class or type name using reflection. These names will for instance be used by wx.Object._(Type).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Globalization.TypeNameTranslationsAttribute.TypeNameTranslationsAttribute ( StringInCultures  name  ) 

Argument is the name of the type in neutral representation and arbitrary translations.

wx.Globalization.TypeNameTranslationsAttribute.TypeNameTranslationsAttribute ( string  neutralName,
params string[]  sequenceOfLocaleTranslationPairs 

Creates an instance comprising several translations.

neutralName is the name in the neutral locale.
sequenceOfLocaleTranslationPairs is a sequence of an even number of strings. The first is the canonical name, the second is the translation of original into the locale according to the first string. The third is the canonical name, the forth is the translation of original into the locale according to the third string, and so on.
         [TypeNameTranslationsAttribute("Employee", "de", "Mitarbeiter")]
         class EmployeeDate

Property Documentation

StringInCultures wx.Globalization.TypeNameTranslationsAttribute.Name [get]

Readonly access to the human readable name of the class or type and its translations.

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