wx.Globalization.POTWriter Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void Close ()
void Dispose ()
 POTWriter (string potFileName)
bool WriteEntry (string key, string translation, string remark)

Detailed Description

Class to write POT entries. This class provides a text writer like interface to write POT entries. You may create a file providing a file name to the ctor. This file will be created including a POT header in UTF-8 character coding. All internal streams will be closed on dispose.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Globalization.POTWriter.POTWriter ( string  potFileName  ) 

Creates an instance that will open a file of the provided name. If the extension of the provided name is neither .po nor .pot, this will add esxtension .pot.


Member Function Documentation

void wx.Globalization.POTWriter.Close (  ) 

void wx.Globalization.POTWriter.Dispose (  ) 

bool wx.Globalization.POTWriter.WriteEntry ( string  key,
string  translation,
string  remark 

Creates a new entry. If the provided key has already been used, this will return false.

key The key that will be used to identify the translation.
translation The translation.
remark An optional remark (use empty string if not needed). Provide a text that can help translator. This text will be visible in poEdit.

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